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Nightwolf’s Den accepts sponsored posts, reviews, giveaways and guest posts as long as they relate or enhance the contents of this blog.

Reviews and Giveaways

I happily accept products and services for review I feel would be of interest to my family and my readers. I’m happy to promote products and services I have tried and tested.

If you would like me to review any of your products or services please be prepared to provide me with a complete item so I can give my readers an accurate description and review. I have a young child and husband who are also willing to help me test and review products and services.

Please note, all reviews will be written in my own words and will be honest and fair. Should a product not meet with expectations, or if I feel the review will be negative, I will give you the opportunity to read the review and respond before I publish the review. Any content from supplying company shall be noted in my review post.

If you wish to also supply a giveaway for my readers, it will always be appreciated. I do ask though, that you please post any giveaways directly to winners.

More details, and rates, can be found in my Media Kit. Should you wish to obtain a copy, please contact me at


This is a personal blog written and edited by Caroline Brown (aka Nightwolf or Nightwolf Designs). The views and opinions on Nightwolf’s Den are those of the writer. Any compensation in the way of free product will always be disclosed at either the start and/or end of each post. All opinions expressed on this blog will be honest and transparent.
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