Reviewing my things to do

Happy Winter Solstice. It’s time to look back over my list for the year and see how I’m traveling.

As with previous years bold is started, strike thru is finished & red isn’t done

  1. Increase my social media following (see 2-5)
  2. Get more Twitter followers (Jan 1 – 658   Dec 31 – )
  3. Get more Facebook followers (Jan 1 – 150   Dec 31 – )
  4. Get more Pinterest followers (Jan 1 – 569   Dec 31 – )
  5. Get more Instagram followers (Jan 1 – 227   Dec 31 – )
  6. Organise my Pinterest boards (try & reduce the number of boards)
  7. Learn a new recipe each month. Blog about it.
  8. Blog a recipe a week – one of mine or something I’ve tried (In the Den Kitchen)
  9. Create a back up of my blog monthly
  10. Try something I’ve pinned and blog about it.
  11. Start a new blog series
  12. Finish garden beds and start using them
  13. Get a garden shed
  14. Set up gazebo/outdoor area
  15. Do HabitHacker – Nest (when the site comes back up)
  16. Work on Declutter 365
  17. Finish custom recipe book
  18. Declutter recipe books I don’t use
  19. Paint laundry & put up laminate
  20. New door & window in lounge
  21. New curtains for the lounge
  22. Get kitchen blinds
  23. Get new cupboard in hallway
  24. Get floors polished
  25. Organise office so it can be used
  26. Organise garage
  27. Start a garden journal
  28. Work through (& complete) Creating your Goddess Haven e-course
  29. Tidy the pantry – make it more organised
  30. Sort linens and make less cluttered
  31. Have a candlelit dinner with hubby
  32. Family holiday to Melbourne
  33. Have parents & in-laws over for dinner
  34. Go to the Anzac Day dawn service
  35. Get a family photo of me, mum, dad & bro
  36. Get an updated family photo done
  37. Have a weekend away (all booked)
  38. Try and have a date night every month
  39. Put money into Christmas Club account
  40. Put money in the girls accounts
  41. Have a family movie night (complete with popcorn & choc tops)
  42. Spend a day at the beach
  43. Go on a picnic
  44. Go for a drive somewhere for no reason other than getting out
  45. Spend a rainy day in PJs watching TV/movies
  46. See more of Tassie
  47. Work on family tree
  48. Go to Tasmania Zoo
  49. Go to the Botanical Gardens
  50. Visit QVMAG
  51. Get BAS in on time
  52. Keep up to date with work accounts
  53. Work thru Business Goddess e-course
  54. Launch new work site
  55. Upgrade laptops (decided to keep these & upgrade hard drives)
  56. Make laptop & pc better organised – less double ups of files
  57. Work on better backups of important files
  58. Find an inspirational quote & make it into a piece of artwork
  59. Finish JYC 2012 & 2013 & 2014
  60. Scrapbook with mum more
  61. Finish wedding scrapbook
  62. Do #30Lists (March, September, December)
  63. Organise all my paper scrapbook supplies
  64. Scrapbook with others more
  65. Backup digital Project Life supplies
  66. Organise a scrapbook day
  67. Complete a cross stitch
  68. Work thru Creative Goddess ecourse
  69. Project life date one weekend a month
  70. Do some more classes & finish them
  71. Create a scrapping binder
  72. Apply for more design teams
  73. Get dt work done before it’s due
  74. Actually DO some of the things I’ve pinned
  75. Create more pages about me
  76. keep up to date with Project Life (see #69)
  77. Raise at least $2000 at Afternoon Teal
  78. Do Frocktober
  79. Watch sunrise & sunset in the same day 
  80. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
  81. Keep a gratitude journal every day for a month (0/30)
  82. Do Habit Hacker’s Create
  83. Get a massage
  84. Get a manicure
  85. Make a list of 30 books I want to read & then read those books (0/30) 
  86. Exercise every day for a month (0/30)
  87. Create a mini Goddess altar
  88. Meditate more
  89. Enjoy life
  90. Finish off front yard
  91. Redo herb gardens
  92. sort my bookmarks
  93. Burn to CD/DVD stuff I don’t need on my PC all the time
  94. Look at getting built in wardrobe in girls bedroom
  95. Do something special for our wedding anniversary
  96. Have a girls day out with mum
  97. Star Wars!
  98. Sort & cull movie folder
  99. Maybe go to 20 yr reunion for school
  100. Organise some play dates for the girls

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