Sail or Fly? That is the holiday question.

We’re pretty lucky when it comes to the choice of how to travel here in Tasmania when we decide we want to holiday on the mainland (or the big island as it’s often known). We can fly or we can take a leisurely trip across Bass Straight on one of the two Spirit of Tasmania ships.

There are benefits and draw backs to both methods – costs, luggage, comfort.

We often fly when we take a trip to Melbourne, namely due to cost and time benefits. It’s cheap and quick. BUT when you sit down and think about it flying can get expensive and it can end up being a long process that can end up being stressful.

I’ll be honest, last time we flew was a bit stressful – first time flying with a 2yo. Fun times. Maybe if we’d taken the boat it would have been more pleasant. For the record, she flew home fine.
Travel on the Spirit could be much more less stressful, kids can run around or play in one of the many kids areas or play in the arcade or catch a film. And given that kids under 15 travel at a lower price – more spending money for the trip. AND until 11:59pm on 7th June 2014 (unless sold out prior), kids travel for just $10* per child each way with the purchase of any Adult or Pensioner fare. Valid for travel between 1 July 2014 and 28 September 2014.

Now if you’re anything like me when you plan a trip to Melbourne (or Tassie if your coming over from the big island) you know you’ll be doing some shopping, some more than others and if you’re flying that means paying for extra luggage on the way home – not cheap! When you travel on the Spirit the only restriction n luggage is what you can fit in your vehicle (I’ve heard of people hiring vans in Tassie, going on a shopping trip to Ikea then coming home). Oh yeah, there’s another benefit to sailing – taking your own car, no more car hire charges, not being locked into using public transport (as much fun as that is).

Some of the the beauty of travelling by sea is having the freedom to step out on deck, enjoy the beautiful sunsets and breathe in the fresh ocean air – there’s nothing quite like it. When it gets dark you can wander inside and have a meal from a choice of freshly cooked options in either the a la carte restaurant, buffet style eatery or café and there a number of bars to relax in with a drink. When it’s time for sleep you have the choice of a range of accommodation options to choose from including a Deluxe Cabin equipped with a queen sized bed and flat screen TV, Twin Berth Cabin, Four Berth Cabin or an Ocean Recliner. From personal experience (before kids – yup that was the last time I went on the Spirit) I wouldn’t go an Ocean Recliner again – I hardly slept. Next time it’s a cabin for sure, the Deluxe cabin looks lovely.

flying-vs-sailing-infographic-spirit-of-tasmania-554_01 flying-vs-sailing-infographic-spirit-of-tasmania-554_02

So when you next plan your trip to Tasmania (& why wouldn’t you visit our lovely state – there is so much to do here!) or to Melbourne, you might want to consider sailing on the Spirit of Tasmania. I know we will.

*Conditions apply

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