I hate having my photo taken. I’m nearly always the one behind the camera. And then a post by Tina really struck a chord with me and then a few days later she started the #tgdmselfieaday idea. Posting a selfie everyday in August.

I’ll let Tina explain it herself….

“I started a little hashtag
called #tgdmselfieaday
I thought I would be on my own
But my interweb friends came to play.
It all began with Mrs Woog
who wanted to know why women were bitches
And then this post on TGDM
because my fingers got the twitches.

In no time at all
and with no delays
we now have over 200 selfies
taken over the August days.

Seeing the faces of interweb friends
is one I think is fun
And if I’ve helped someone pop their selfie cherry
my job here is done.”

I managed to do a selfie every day in August except for 2, which I thought was pretty good actually. Think I’m inspired to do them more often. Thanks Tina, you’ve created a selfie monster LOL


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