Shhh someone’s sleeping

We’ve half way though the AH Beard 6 week sleep challenge and my sleep has been good then all over the show.

Week 2 was all about cutting out the caffeine near bedtime. Pretty easy for me. Don’t drink coffee and I try not to drink coke near bedtime as I always end up feeling bloated and blah. Slept fairly well this week.

Week 3 was about gadgets. Keeping phones, TVs and computers out of the bedroom & not using them within 30 minutes of bedtime. I fail this one big time. My phone lives beside my bed. The charger lives beside the bed. And I’m usually reading books on my iPad when I get into bed as my wind down. We also have a TV in our room but it’s hardly ever on and I’ve have started making sure it’s not turned on at the power now before I go to bed.
We had a bit of a crappy week this week too. Miss K got tonsillitis and Thursday night I spent the night stressing over stuff. Sleep was not good. I feel tired & yuck.

Overall though, apart from the last few days, I’m finding my sleep is slowly improving 🙂 Looking forward to the next 3 weeks!

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