Sleep soundly? yes please

I read about the A.H. Beard sleep challenge over on Fat Mum Slim’s blog a few weeks ago and at the time wasn’t sleeping well. To tell the truth I haven’t been sleeping well since… before Miss K was born really.

The pre challenge was to find out what type of sleeper you were. Me? Eventual Sleeper. Can take me AGES to go to sleep of a night.

Anywho, last Monday was the first day of the challenge and Week 1 was all about creating a sleep sanctuary.

I was interested to read about the effect of noise on sleeping. I often go to sleep listening to music or one of many relaxation apps I own (SleepStream 2 is great for that). I really struggle to sleep in total silence. I really, really struggle when I stay at my parents cause it is REALLY quite

I knew light could disrupt your sleep and I tend to wake as soon as light enters our room. I prefer to sleep in a totally dark room. This week I made sure our TV & the stereo was turned off at the power point before we went to sleep. I can’t see hubby’s alarm clock (which we never use now cause of our phones) and half the time he’s thrown clothes over it. Must say turning off these appliances did make a difference.

I checked the temperature in our room and it is around 18°C. Did have a giggle about wearing nothing to bed. Haven’t done that since before Miss K. Sleeping nude isn’t an option when you have a little one who likes to join you in bed of a morning, well in our house anyway. Do find I sleep better when wearing lighter sleepwear though.

Finally I know we need to replace our pillows. They are over 6 years old and pretty yuck. Must get onto that. Our mattress is still pretty new and damn comfy. So pillows are on the shopping list.

Looking forward to seeing what this week’s challenge brings.

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