100 Happy Days 2017: Days 1 to 20

I love this project. I’ve taken part in this project for a couple of years and I love looking back at past photos.

What is 100 Happy Days? It’s a photo project that challenges you to post something that makes you happy, daily, for 100 days. You can read more about it at 100happydays.com

Anywho, here’s my first 20 days, starting from March 25. Created using Collect.


100 Happy Days – Month 2

Opps I forgot to post my second month of my 100 Happy Days. So here are the next 30 days 🙂


33. The simple things – hot chocolate, marshmallows and scrapbooking; 34. Our first pumpkin; 35. A selfie I like; 36. Happy mail; 37. Esther Grace; 38. Donut cupcakes; 39. Birds in the rain; 40. Playing with Hex bugs; 41. Soccer training; 42. Devil sausages & rice, cooked by Miss K; 43. Sunrise; 44. Early Mother’s Day delivery for a friend’s mother in law; 45. One of my Mother’s Day pressies, illustrated by Miss K; 46. Mother’s Day flowers; 47. An orange tabby drawn by Miss K.


48. Miss K reading her school reader; 49. All ready to go; 50. Cupcakes; 51. Hand in hand after soccer; 52. Choc Raspberry brownies; 53. Cross Country; 54.Tidy again (but not for long); 55. In The Examiner talking about Ovarian cancer and our 1000 ribbon challenge; 56. Happy mail from Miss K’s teacher; 57. More ginger kitty cats; 58. Snapchatting; 59. Love how Miss k’s friends are happy to play with Miss A; 60. Tatty scones!; 61. Love this idea for a card; 62. Soccer training.

38 days to go.

100 Happy Days 2016 – Month 1

This is the third year I’ve decided to do the 100 Happy days project. Here’s my first month of photos…


1. Happiness is a gorgeous sunset. 2. Happiness is a day baking. 3. Another day another cake creation. 4. PJ day. 5. Today this makes me happy – 2 sleeping kids nice and early. 6. Flowers and good news from mum make me happy today. 7. Birthday pressie for hubby. 8. Waiting for her sister to get home on the school bus. 9. Soccer season. 10. A win for the Hawks and MVP for Gibbo. 11. Our sick little piggy is getting better. 12. Back to uni. 13. Happiness is blowing bubbles. 14. Homemade sushi. 15. Love the random doodles and drawings from these two.


16. When hamburgers become rissoles. 17. A close game and a good win. 18. Taco salad for tea. Another yummy Favour Stack meal. 19. Road trip with Mum & the girls to Devonport. 20. Planning on doing some scrapping tonight. 21. Sleep. 22. Paperclipping Round Table & some blogging. 23. Footy day. First game in Tassie for the season. 24. It’s the simple things that make me happy – like a clean laundry. 25. Happy little monkey up late. 26. Cat games – Neko Atsume. 27. Loves soccer, just like her big sister. 29. Daddy teaching someone how to do Windows Updates. 30. A happy memory of Prince who passed away today. 31. 3 weeks in a row she’s scored a goal! 32. Baked spuds for tea. 33. Meeting Becky Higgins

Another 100 Happy days update

Happy days for May (from day 39 to 69)

May 2015 #100HappyDays

May 1. YIAH KFC style chicken & Homemade YIAH wedges; 2. Wearing new shoes to bed. Just like her uncle did when he was little; 3.Dance like no one is watching; 4. May the 4th; 5.With weather like this I’m happy to have a roof over my head, a warm wood fire and a god supply of candles; 6. Getting creative with her old Duplo; 7. My Mother’s Day present made at Kindy; 8. Gorgeous flowers from Mum from my brother in Hobart (delivered via our house); 9. Sorting scrapping supplies; 10. Pretty sunset’; 11. Pencil decoration and photo by Miss K; 12. Crashed in my arms after swimming; 13. Pulling herself up on the seat to watch Play School; 14. School Cross Country day; 15. Clean and organised pantry. Thanks to some help from mum.; 16. Story time with my mum; 17. Glass magnets; 18. Sleepy kitty keeping me company; 19. Waiting for swimming lessons; 20. Soccer training cancelled due to rain. Xbox soccer instead; 21. Love she is happy to entertain herself; 22.Preordered Ali Edwards Week in the Life kit; 23 Love this photo of mum & Miss K; 24 Love these printables from Riot; 25. Good food; 26. Foggy. Would be an awesome opportunity to get the camera out; 27 Brings back memories; 28 New beanie; 29 First visit to the dentist; 30 We’re a happy team; 31. Roast Moroccan style chicken, couscous stuffing and roast veg.

100 Happy Days 2015–the story so far

Today’s prompt is photography so I thought I’d share my #100HappyDays so far…
I can you have no idea what the #100HappyDays project is, go here. We’ll wait 🙂

Ok so now you are up to speed yes? Yes, good. I started on 24th March so here’s my March & April pics

#100HappyDays March 2015

March 24. Loving my daughter has an amazing group of friends; 25. first soccer training; 26. Making cards with my Cameo; 27.A new window, wall & door; 28. My YIAH kit arrived; 29. Watching the WWE Hall of Fame; 30.Wrestlemania 31; 31. Love that Miss K enjoys swimming.

#100HappyDays April 2015

April 1. Kindy Easter cooking; 2. New recipes with YIAH; 3.Blogging & listening to webinars; 4.Copic colouring for Easter; 5. Easter lunch with family; 6. A little gold bunny & a hot chocolate; 7.Fresh crusty bread and homemade butter; 8. New soccer boots; 9. Playing in Silhouette Studio to make a Shopkins card; 10. Friday night crafting; 11. Outside time; 12. Miss K reading to Miss A; 13. Miss A crawling; 14. Kitty cuddles; 15. Soccer practice; 16. Miss K’s writing;  17.Peek a boo; 18. First soccer game; 19. Cheeky chocolate face; 20. YIAH steak and veggies; 21. Sound asleep after swimming; 22.No explanation needed!; 23. Best mates; 24.Clean laundry; 25. A St George win makes me happy; 26.Card making day; 27. Miss K striking a pose; 28. Happy & sad – last cadbury creme egg; 29. YIAH Apple roses; 30. An invite to Mother’s Day morning tea at kindy

And that’s a wrap

I can’t believe it’s been 100 days! Looking back over my photos, food has played a big part in my life over that period (not sure what that says LOL) AND, surprisingly, working on bub’s pregnancy album.

So for you viewing pleasure, here is the last of my photos (days 83-100).

100 Happy Days100 Happy Days100 Happy Days100 Happy Days100 Happy Days100 Happy Days100 Happy Days100 Happy Days100 Happy Days100 Happy Days100 Happy Days100 Happy Days100 Happy Days100 Happy Days100 Happy Days100 Happy Days100 Happy Days100 Happy Days

I’m a bit sad to be finishing this project BUT I’m now more determined to play along with Fat Mum Slim’s photo-a-day again for a full 365 days. I’m really hoping her new app, Little Moments, helps out. I’ll be back at the end of July with my pics & a review of the app.