Monday Musing

Why are our politicians payed so damn much? And why do they need all the perks they get while in office and after?

It really irks me that they can come out and say oh lets cut this, let’s cut that, we need to save money (but support big business and screw over the little people – they don’t say this but it usually happens). I would (probably) vote for the one pollie with the balls to stand up and say ‘hey why don’t we cut or freeze our wages, let’s get rid of some of our perks. Let’s actually help the people who need our help. Let’s tax those who can afford it. When we retire we should go on the same pension as everyone else or fund our own retirement with super we build up while in office.’

I know I’m dreaming but t would be nice

BEDM – Getting to Know Me

38 things about me at 38 (in no particular order)

  1. Favourite shows – Supernatural, Lucifer, Game of Thrones, Ghost Adventures
  2. Podcasts I listen to – Pocket Talk, Paperclipping Round Table, Nightlife with Tony Delroy, Conversations with Richard Fidler
  3. Current phone -iPhone 6s
  4. I love a good hot chocolate with marshmallows
  5. I’m glad soccer season has started again
  6. I am happy to use a Mac or a PC
  7. I’ve just gone back to uni. Doing one unit
  8. Looking forward to Mother’s Day
  9. I’m LOVING being on the Awesome Ladies creative team
  10. Cooking is inspiring me again (thanks in part to YIAH)
  11. I’ve been blogging at Nighwolf’s Den for over 10 years!
  12. This November marks our 10 year wedding anniversary
  13. August is Miss A’s 2nd birthday
  14. I just became a great Aunt.
  15. It kinda made me clucky but my body has gone ‘no more babies!’
  16. Really like my Apple watch
  17. Meeting Becky Higgins was amazing
  18. I’m a big fan of Becky Higgins, Ali Edwards, Shimelle and rukristin
  19. Honey joys are one of my favourite snacks
  20. Leonie Dawson is amazing. It’s on my bucket list to meet her and have a long chat.
  21. I use the word amazing and awesome A LOT
  22. I hate having my photo taken
  23. I hate winter (& the cold) but love having a fire
  24. Nothing beats the flickering of a candle or two
  25. I’m a mum to 2 gorgeous girls
  26. I’m wife (& best friend) to an amazing man
  27. I love scrapbooking
  28. I think cancer sucks
  29. I really should make more me time
  30. Windy weather is the pits, I’d much rather rain
  31. I love dragons and fairies
  32. I love planning
  33. I’m a bit of a cat lady
  34. I love to travel
  35. I want to visit Canada and Scotland
  36. I have a tattoo and I would really like a few more
  37. Purple is my favourite colour
  38. I didn’t think I’d make it 38 things


My blogging journey

Today marks the last day in May and therefore the last post for Blog Every Day in May for 2015. I missed a few days this year  but oh well.

I started my first blog way back when before blogging was cool, pretty sure it was on yahoo, maybe a geocities site I can’t really remember. Then Blogger came out and I started Ramblings from the Goth in May 2005. It rambled along til 2006 which is when I started Nightwolf’s Den (originally on Blogger until I won a domain name & hosting package a couple of year’s back).

2006 also saw me start a blog documenting our wedding. After the wedding I went back to one blog again then in 2009 I started From the Wolf’s Den when we found out we were expecting our first child. This one is still going but I don’t update it as often as I’d like. It’s all pregnancy, baby and children.

2009 I also started a Christmas blog but decided 3 blogs was too much and ended up just adding all the Christmas stuff to this blog.

From 2010 onwards I’ve pretty much concentrated my blogging journey here with the occasional post over at From the Wolf’s Den. This little space on the net has continued to see and record so many things – the birth of 2 gorgeous girls, my various businesses, scrapbooking adventures, a blogging conference, mum getting sick, Frocktobers, Afternoon Teals, LOTS of house renovations, some great products to review and so much more.

I look forward to seeing what the future brings 😀

10 things that are in my head

(my attempt at a roughly buzzfeedish post)

In no particular order

1. Adam Goodes is a tool. don’t care if he is aboriginal or not, the man is a tool.

2. I so need more sleep. and chocolate.

3. Buzzfeed is slightly addictive

4. I love that miss K loves soccer

5. Miss A is growing way to frickin quick

6. I really should back up my photos

7. i need to clean up

8. a hot chocolate would be delish about now

9. I am really tired

10. should clean the table and do some scrapbooking when the girls go to bed tomorrow

Passion Projects

I have a few passion projects

1. Project Life/scrapbooking – documenting our stories for future generations


2. photography – dunno why but I have loved playing with a camera since I was young and the first time I got to use dad’s Pentax SLR

3. cooking/my Thermomix/YIAH


Speaking of YIAH, if you are interested in learning a bit more about it, sign up to my YIAH newsletter for some exciting news on June 1.

What are your passion projects?