In the Den Kitchen

Today’s prompt for the Blogtember challenge is “A family recipe (if grandma allows, of course!).”

Even with the weather starting to warm up here in Australia we’re still having cooler days so soup is still on the menu. This recipe is super simple and it is a reminder of meals with my dad’s mum.

Tomato Rice Soup

1 large can crushed tomatoes                                           
1 can tomato soup
1/2 cup uncooked rice                                                                                       
1 onion, diced
4 cups chicken stock                                                   

Put stock in a pan. Add tomatoes, rice & onion.
Simmer until onion & rice are cooked.
Add tomato soup. Heat through & serve.

Super simple and really yummy. Spice it up a bit with some black pepper to taste

Instagram it

Round up of your favourite Instagrammers! Who should we follow?
(in no particular order)

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I want to get away…

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?

Image result

Scotland. Why? Cause it’s where my family are from and the scenery is amazing!

Image result

Canada. Why? Wolves!! Scenery. And there is a personal reason I won’t go into here ๐Ÿ™‚

Image result

New Zealand. Why? I visited there when I was 16 and I always wanted to go back. Love the place. And to visit family.

Image result

Crete. Why? My grandfather served there during World War II

and finally…

Image result

Wales. Why? Doctor Who of course!! Oh and the scenery.


The music of 2016

Create a playlist. What you’re listening to now, what encourages you, holiday favourites, etc..

A little while back (OMG back in 2013!) I made a playlist of my 100 (or was it 101) favourite songs. You can check out that list here and here.

Anywho, time for a new playlist – the music of 2016. Some of the songs may be the same, some will definitely be different. It’s a snapshot of the type of music I’m listening to now. Oh yeah, it won’t be 101 songs long ๐Ÿ˜‰ For your listening pleasure, I’ve created it as a playlist on Spotify. You’re welcome.

This post is part of Blogtember 2016

Birthday memories

What was your most memorable birthday?

Honestly nothing really jumps to mind. I spent most of my birthdays when I was younger with family or friends. None of the big parties kids have these days. Simple things like pass the parcel and games like that. I remember having lots of fun and having awesome cakes – most from the iconic Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book (I still have the original edition even though it is slowly falling apart and the kids love choosing their birthday cakes from it) or ice cream cakes. Back when birthdays were simple but awesome.

me_birthday me_birthday_02 third_birthday

I also remember my 21st. My partner at the time thought the new Star Trek was more important so I went and got drunk with some friends and had an awesome night at Karaoke.

Another memory was getting to choose what we had for tea for our birthday. If I remember correctly my choice was often Chinese.

Currently # 12

cherry blossom

WEATHER: Itโ€™s officially the forth day of Spring so it’s warm, then cold, then sunny, then overcast

EATING:   Coconut ice (homemade), cupcakes, chocolate, more Flavour Stack recipes 

DRINKING : Coke, water, hot chocolate

LOVING :  that the weather is starting to warm up. 

READING : more uni notes. books on crochet

ANTICIPATING : getting to sleep in of a weekend after soccer season finishes.

LISTENING TO : MUSIC :  Disturbed, FNM, Nightwish, lots of 90s stuff PODCAST :  Pocket Talk, Simple Scrapper member podcast

WATCHING : WWE Cruiserweight Classic; Dice, Camera Action; Acquisitions Inc. โ€“ The Series; Force Grey 

PLANNING : uni assignments

LOOKING FORWARD TO : warmer weather, PAX West live stream

CREATING : Awesome Ladies Project layouts,  Project Life

NEED TO FINISH : cleaning up 

WISHING : it would warm up, our tax return would come in 

MAIN GOAL : get uni assignments done NOT the day before it is due

What are you โ€œCURRENTLYโ€ doing?

Also linking up with the Blogtember challenge today ๐Ÿ™‚

Bye Bye Winter

Now that summer’s at an end, share a list of favorites from the season! Except here in the Southern Hemisphere it’s more like Now that winter’s at an end, share a list of favorites from the season!

IMG_5021 IMG_5081 IMG_5082

The birth of this gorgeous little angel. Sadly taken way too soon. A very precious niece. Toasting marshmallows in the fireplace. Soccer jams for soccer season.

IMG_5259 IMG_5293 IMG_5369

Amazing sunsets. Winter Solstice. Fresh homemade pumpkin soup.


Footy season!

IMG_5809 IMG_5966 IMG_5978

Our baby turning 2! Book Week (Purple cat from Brown Bear, Brown Bear & Dory)

It’s all about the goals

My goals for the rest of 2016

  • get my scrap stuff sorted
  • Weed garden beds & get gardens ready for summer
  • Finally get gazebo up
  • Paint laundry
  • Get dryer up on laundry wall
  • Do something special for 10 year anniversary in November
  • Family holiday
  • Get my Ps
  • Pay off laptops & upgrade them
  • Finish our wedding scrapbook
  • Create mini album for hubby for anniversary
  • Learn to crochet