Happy December

and happy first day of Summer (& nearly Winter). The weather here is gorgeous today and I’m enjoying the cool breeze from the air con.

Lots going on here this month

  • end of school shenanigans. Pool parties, presentation assembly, big finding out if she’s made student leader in 2022, getting end of year reports and finding out class placements for 2022.
  • Summer holidays. No big plans as yet. A few day or weekend trips around the state so be on the lookout for some new posts in our Travel Tasmania series.
  • Christmas and all that entails.
  • Summer solstice, thinking we might beach it this year.
  • I’ve got a few blog posts scheduled on different topics, the first will be up tomorrow.

That’s about it at this stage. Hope you all have a great month.

Blogging, Planners and best laid plans

Hello? Anyone still here?
I’ve been blogging over on my craft blog and thought about doing something planner related and remembered that’s on this blog. Opps. I’ve been a bit neglectful of my baby.

So……. time for an update post. Strap in, it could be a long one.

We’ve got a Christmas update to the look. I’m working behind the scenes for a new look for 2020. So stay tuned.

Family – the 4 of us are doing well.
Miss K is in grade 3. Growing like a weed and will be taller than me soon. She’s turning into quite a good swimmer and represented the school this year in a swimming carnival.
Miss A is in Kinder and has made some great friends. Still a fussy eater (so any advice? LOL)
J & I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. J got his first tattoo. I added another to my collection.

Mum passed away in her sleep on the 6th of December. Her funeral was yesterday. The last week has been hard and tiring.

Planner wise. I made 3 years in a bound bullet journal. Still love it. BUT I finally bit the bullet and subbed to a planner subscription. Went with Planners Anonymous cause they are Australian and not super expensive (start at $45AUD). I am seriously in love. Each month the basic kit is 6 sheets of double sided paper, 1 sheet of Vellum, 1 sheet of Acetate, a pen, 3 rolls of washi (25mm, 15mm & 9mm), a full sized stamp set, feature die cut, a set of die cuts, a feature 6×8 print, a bookmark, 6 journal cards AND a sticker sheet set PLUS each month there is a mystery item.

The kit for November is That’s So 90s and it makes my inner 90s teen super excited.


Oh and they do awesome subscriber bonuses. Each month you get a printable insert, phone backgrounds, a digital copy of the cards and cute printable planner girls (& guys). There’s is also the option to buy a luxe version of the insert.
That’s not all (but wait, there’s steak knives LOL) – they also make the most gorgeous B6 Travellers Notebook covers! Yeah I am a bit of a fan. You can check out what I’ve been doing with the subs over on my planner Instagram.
(Want to sub and get 10% off your first order? Follow this link)

Craft wise you can see what I’ve been up to over at Nightwolf Scraps. I’m slowly updating it with my crafty creations for 2019. Lots of Awesome Ladies Project and The Reset Girl stuff.

Hopefully I might start sharing over here a bit more now and not leave it so long between updates.

Celebrity deaths

Wrote a huge post on this and then deleted it. It was too sad (& a bit lot personal)

RIP Chester. I hope you are in a better place. The world will miss your amazing voice.


“Who cares if one more light goes out?
In the sky of a million stars
It flickers, flickers
Who cares when someone’s time runs out?
If a moment is all we are
Or quicker, quicker
Who cares if one more light goes out?
Well I do”

(image from http://chester.linkinpark.com/)

From the Wolf’s Den

As you may know I created another blog, From the Wolf’s Den, when we found out I was pregnant with Miss K. I used it blog while pregnant ad share baby news and share some reviews.

Anywho, I’ve decided to move it all over here and just concentrate on Nightwolf’s Den 🙂 So expect a little more parenting type stuff. I’m still keeping Nightwolf Scraps for my craft stuff and my YIAH blog

Just a head’s up. Now back to your regular programing :).

That one where you forget

I had an awesome idea for a post last night and then I went to bed, not writing it down, cause, you know, I’ll remember it in the morning…. Nope. Nada. Can not remember what it was. So today you get a brain dump.

Internet in Tasmania is slow as a wet week for some – basically nearly everyone who isn’t with Telstra. Makes work difficult. Access to FTP is patchy at best. Updating Windows, don’t even bother *sigh* For those not in the know, we have a large cable between Tasmania and the mainland called Basslink. It transports electricity and fibre. Awhile ago it broke, well the electricity bit broke. To fix it, they cut the cable. Hence crap internet for those using it. Telstra users have their own cables so are unaffected. Everyone else has to wait to be ported to the Telstra cables. We’re being told Thursday this week. *fingers crossed*

Things are going well ahead of our Afternoon Teal event on Saturday. You can still donate here. We’ve had some lovely people donate some amazing items for our silent auction that is taking place on the day – Rabbit Hole Organic Tea, Personal Planner, Little Finch, Flat Out Bottles, Popping Candy Shoes, Your Inspiration at Home, Braehead Crafts and many more. Looking forward to having a nice afternoon. I’ll be sharing some photos after the event.

I have some exciting news to share on my craft blog tomorrow.

I’ve managed to get Miss A’s photos for 2015 into her Project Life album. Now to print Miss K’s photos for 2015 and get them in her album. Then go back and add journaling cards and filler cards to both.