It’s a Frocking good time

It’s official I suck at remembering to Instagram my frocks but here’s what I wore this month. and for the record I cropped my head out of most cause I have a head cold and look shocking :p Anyways, it’s all about the frocks this month! 30 Frocks (I wore one twice) in all and even a little dress up for Halloween! (& a guest appearance by my cats)

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Did you know one woman dies from Ovarian Cancer every 10 hours! You can still donate and help fund more research into Ovarian Cancer here.

Official last day in jeans til November 1st 2015

Yup, it’s that time of year again. Time for me to Frock up for a great cause!

So here’s the obligatory last day of jeans wearing til November 1st selfie


For those who have no idea what Frocktober is all about…..

Held throughout the whole month of October, Frocktober is a fundraising initiative to raise
funds and awareness for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF). The classic
Frocktober challenge asks participants to wear a frock every a day during the month. It’s
all about increasing public awareness of ovarian cancer and raising money to support the
development of an early detection test. Since its inception, Frocktober has raised over $1
million for the OCRF.
One woman dies every ten hours from ovarian cancer. As there is currently no early
detection test and a lack of symptoms in the early stages of disease, women are usually
diagnosed in the late stages of the disease – when the cancer has spread to other organs
in the body. If the cancer is diagnosed and treated early, between 80-100% of patients
will survive for more than five years. But only approximately 30% of women diagnosed at
advanced stages will survive for more than five years.

As I’ve done every year for the last 4 years I’m going to frock it up every day in October. This year I’m aiming to wear a different dress every day.
You can donate here and keep up to date by following me on Instagram

And if you think you’d be stuck wearing a dress a day, check out this post by The mummy & the minx.

Frocktober 2014 – Days 11-22

More dresses. A few the same. And then 2 not dresses
You can sponsor me at my Frocktober page.





Oct 11

Oct 12

Oct 13

Oct 14





Oct 15

Oct 16*

Oct 17

Oct 18**





Oct 19

Oct 20

Oct 21

Oct 22

* Yeah same dress two days running
** Oh yeah, two days of jeans (different tops but I forgot to take a pic on Sunday). I went to Longford Show on the Saturday and the weather was cold and windy. Sunday I had work and can’t imagine climbing in a wrestling ring in a dress 😉

My goal for 2014: $700
Total so far: $220.50
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Frocktober 2014 – Days 6 -10

Late namely cause I forgot to post :/
This year’s Frocktober theme is Every Frock Has a Story. I’ll be sharing the story behind each of my frocks in a weekly post. You can sponsor me at my Frocktober page.

Wanted to share this before we get into my frocks

Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF)

16 Oct 2014

Thank you for supporting Frocktober!

100% of the funds raised for this campaign go towards funding research into an early detection for ovarian cancer to save women’s lives. Our aim in 2014 is to beat last year’s funds raised of $328,000 to enable us in 2015 to fund our very own Frocktober Research Fellow and follow their progress as part of next year’s campaign.

Please help us spread the word among your family and friends. It’s not too late to get involved! We have two more fabulous weeks to raise funds for a “frockin great cause”.

Warmest regards from the Frocktober and OCRF teams

So let’s get fundraising people! Onto the frocks


Oct 6
Dress from Rivers
Story: This dress is so not a good pick for breast feeding


Oct 7
Dress from Ripe Maternity
Story: I’ve had this dress since I was pregnant with Miss K. It was bought for my auntie’s birthday. Must say I love it. Except it’s no good for feeding little ones.


Oct 8
Dress from Breastmates (again) and yes it’s cold enough to need one of my fav woollen cardis (which is nearly longer than my dress lol)


Oct 9
Dress from Breastmates (again)


Oct 10
Dress from ? I have no idea, it doesn’t have a tag
Story: A dress bought by mum and given to me last year when I was pregnant. Again not the best for breastfeeding.

My goal for 2014: $700
Total so far: $115.50
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Frocktober 2014 – Week 1

This year’s Frocktober theme is Every Frock Has a Story. I’ll be sharing the story behind each of my frocks in a weekly post. Here’s the first 5 days. You can sponsor me at my Frocktober page.


My last day in jeans for the next 31 days. God I hope it warms up!


Oct 1
Dress from Target, T-shirt – Hawthorn FC
Story: A total bargain from Target, found when looking for maternity wear. On special for $20 when it was near $80 at full price. Yeah there is a little bit of celebrating there too. Spent the day at the Hawthorn FC celebration of their AFL Grand Final win. 12 Premierships. Back to back premiers (2013-2014), 25 years from our last back to back (1988-1989)


Oct 2
Dress from Breastmates
Story: A gift from my Mum. One of a few breastfeeding friendly clothes from a great little online store (who I’ll be reviewing soon on my other blog – From the Wolf’s Den)


Oct 3
Dress from Breastmates
Story: Another breastfeeding friendly dress. Not quite warm enough to wear just the dress alone yet.


Oct 4
Dress from Rivers
Story: A pick up from a Rivers end of year sale a few years back. It’s a constant summer favourite.


Oct 5
Dress from Millers
Story: Another sale find. Still not warm enough for just dresses so long sleeve tops over dresses is the go.

My goal for 2014: $700
Total so far: $115.50
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The Frocktober challenge

So while everyone is challenging everyone to do the Ice Bucket Challenge (which I have been challenged to do) I’d like to put out another challenge. Donate to my Frocktober page and help raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research. Oh yeah and then take a photo of you in a dress and share it.
So don those frocks, donate and share this link, I’ll be interested to see who is game to Frock up

I’ll be blogging my Frocking efforts here (along with my  frock stories), on Instagram & on my Facebook page.
Let me know if you’ll be frocking up in October so I can follow your journey in the dress 🙂

Frocktober 2013: Days 22 to 31


Well here we are – the final stretch. At the time of posting the grand Frocktober total (raised by all participants) is $280,521.45!! How amazing is that! Congratulations to all involved.

Now onto my final dresses…….

Day 22

Frocktober 2013 Day 22

Day 23

Frocktober 2013 Day 23

Day 24

Frocktober 2013 Day 24

day 25

Frocktober 2013 Day 25

day 26 (ha how not impressed do I look here. it was rather cold)

Frocktober 2013 Day 26

day 27

Frocktober 2013 Day 27

day 28 (hmm I kinda like this dress)

Frocktober 2013 Day 28

day 29

Frocktober 2013 Day 29

day 30

Frocktober 2013 Day 30

day 31 (omg scary white legs! look a bit ghostie)

Frocktober 2013 Day 31

And with that Frocktober is over for another year. A HUGE thank you to those who have donated so far.
I’ll be back again next year and asking for your donations again.

Must say I do look forward to tomorrow and having the option of wearing jeans if it’s cold.

My donation page. Current tally – $855 ($20 is still to be added but have the money) Goal – $1000
You can continue to donate for another couple of weeks.

Frocktober 2013: Days 15 to 21


Half way through and I’ve been in the paper and on the radio with one of the ladies from Frocktober

Day 15

Day 15 Frocktober 2013

dress & tshirt by Hess, leggings from Target

Day 16

Day 16 Frocktober 2013

Dress from Rivers, t-shirt from Hess, shirt from Rivers. Gotta love the addition of slippers

Day 17

Day 17 Frocktober 2013

Dress from W Lane, cardi from ??, leggings from Kmart

Day 18

Day 18 Frocktober 2013

Dress from Rivers, long sleeve tee by Emmerson

Day 19

Day 19 Frocktober 2013

Dress from Girl Xpress

Day 20

Day 20 Frocktober 2013

Dress from Luca & Marc, tee from Hess

Day 21

Day 21 Frocktober 2013

Dress from Millers, tshirt from Rockmans

My donation page. Current tally – $410 Goal – $1000
Many thanks to those who have donated so far.

Frocktober 2013 days 8-14


Day 8


hehe not impressed 😉

Me – dress from Luca & Marc, shirt from Rivers, leggings from Target

Day 9

thanks to The Examiner for doing an article


Me – Dress from Mia Rose, white tee from Emerson, shirt from Capture
Miss K – dress & leggings from Pumpkin Patch

Day 10

late night selfie


Dress from Millers, top from Essentials

Day 11

So i was a bit naughty and totally forgot to take a photo of me in a dress today but here’s the dress I wore


Dress from Rivers

Day 12


Me – Dress from W Lane, leggings from Target
Miss K – dress and top from Pumpkin Patch

Day 13


Dress from Mia Rose, top from Essentials

Day 14


Dress from Kmart, long sleeve tee from Emerson

Miss K has kind of given up on wearing dresses everyday but now it’s starting to warm up a bit I have a feeling she might start again.

My donation page. Current tally – $360 Goal – $1000
Many thanks to those who have donated so far.