The Life:Captured Project December 2015

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01 Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.
The excitement of Miss K upon finding her Christmas elf Glitter had arrived this morning.
02 What are five things that you have enjoyed the most about this year?
Miss K being at school (& the friends we have all made), watching Miss A grow, renovating the girls room, scrapbooking, spending more time with mum
03 What were the five hardest things about this year?
Miss K having an attitude, Miss K being at school, wonky sleep, long colds
04 Do you feel ready for the holiday season?
Yup, nearly all the shopping is done
05 Who are the people you will be buying presents for this year?
Hubby, the girls, my parents, the in-laws
06 Write about your family rituals when it comes to Christmas time.
Breakfast with Mum & Dad – croissants, ham, cheese & pineapple.
07 Is there someone you are missing right now?
My cousin.
08 How will you spend Christmas Eve?
Opening our Christmas Eve box (new PJs & a DVD) then watching the DVD. Once kids are in bed, doing the final present wrap, stockings and Santa bits
09 How will you spend Christmas Day?
Open Santa presents at home with the girls. Breakfast & lunch with my side of the family. Tea with hubby’s family.
10 Write about your favourite childhood Christmas memory.
Waking up to find Santa had been.
11 What are three things you are thankful for right now?
My family
12 Write about three people who have made a difference in your life this year.
My mum, for her strength and resilience. My bestie, just because. My hubby, for believing in me.
13 How do you feel about the world events in this last month?
Sad and angry.
14 When was the last time you cried, and why?
The other night because of PMS and crap hormones
15 When was the last time you laughed, and why?
Today because of a funny video on YouTube
16 What is the most wonderful gift you could possibly receive?
The news that mum was better
17 What does generosity mean to you?
Being kind and unselfish
18 What does Christmas mean to you?
A time of giving, sharing and spending time with family and friends
19 Write a list of all the things you feel you have achieved in 2015.
Been in business 11 years, have managed to renovate another room, still alive, learned some new skills
20 What is the funniest thing you’ve read or heard recently?
Miss K sharing crappy Christmas jokes
21 Write about the things you find hard around this time of the year.
Missing loved ones who are no longer with us
22 What happened at 10am today?
Having a cuppa, checking social media. Kids watching ABC for Kids
23 How are you planning to spend New Year’s Eve?
Quiet night in, a few drinks with hubby, ABC NYE show, working on my Life workbook, starting my 2016 planner
24 What are you most looking forward to on New Year’s Day?
Having a shiny new planner to play with
25 What’s on your heart right now?
Happiness that I have a loving family
26 Write down five things that you want to remember about Christmas day.
The girls ripping into their presents, enjoying time with my brother, the lovely weather, good food, happiness.
27 What are three things from this past month that have been magical?
The kids meeting Santa, Christmas lights, the girls’ faces on Christmas morning
28 What are three things from this past month that have made you feel helpless?
World issues, family issues, environment issues
29 How are you feeling today?
Pretty good. Tired but happy.
30 What is your favourite thing about Sunday nights right now?
Enjoying time with hubby after the kids have gone to bed.
31 What excites you the most about 2016?
Our 10th wedding anniversary. Planning a trip away

The Life:Captured Project November 2015

Elf on the Shelf Dec 1 2015

01 Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.
Cooking with Miss K. Something we both love doing. I love teaching her how to cook and give her a life skill.
02 Write about darkness.
Cozy. safe. enveloping. night. sleep.
03 What are your greatest fears right now?
loosing mum
04 Who helps to look after you when you are sick?
The kids, hubby, my mum
05 What have been your favourite television shows this year?
Ash Vs Evil Dead, Supernatural, Ghost Adventures
06 Where do you hope to go for your next holiday or vacation?
Either Queensland or Melbourne
07 How did your family spend Christmas day when you were little?
With family. Shared around between aunties and uncles. Backyard cricket if the weather was nice
08 Describe your ideal date night.
Without kids. not fussed what we’d do.
09 What are some things that you wish to add to your life?
Date nights
10 Write about a precious keepsake from your childhood.
My dolls house. Dad made it for me for Christmas one year
11 What normally happens on a Sunday?
Sleep ins. Doctor Who. Housework. Washing sheets and towels
12 What was your most memorable family holiday when you were child?
All of them. Loved going on holidays
13 What’s the biggest difference that we can make in this world?
Being kind to each other.
14 What is the best and the worst thing about being human?
Love. It can be the best thing and the worst thing
15 Write about your bravest act.
Getting a tattoo.
16 What’s the most important thing you want to teach your children?
To be kind and treat everyone with respect.
17 What sort of legacy do you wish to leave behind?
The I was a good story teller and memory keeper
18 What was the best Christmas present you received in your childhood? Describe it.
Toss up between my dolls house or my block trolley. Both made by Dad. Still have the dolls house and will pass it on to my girls.
19 Write an account of your most recent family gathering.
Good food. Good company. Good conversations 
20 What happened at 4pm today?
Most likely starting tea
21 Have you felt hurt recently? Write about it.
22 What books have you read this year?
You’re never weird on the internet, The art of Asking, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
23 Describe a recent conversation that’s been encouraging for you.
Talking to another like minded sou about cleaning & decluttering and realising I’m not aloe
24 What exercise regime(s) have you embarked on this year?
Um, none. But I’m tracking my steps now thanks to my apple watch 
25 What’s on your heart right now?
I need to get out more and reconnect with friends
26 What are three things from this past month that have been refreshing?
Getting more sleep (some nights), Mum continuing to get good results, reconnecting with old friends
27 What are three things from this past month that have been unexpected?
Miss K’s change in behaviour, Miss A growing up so quick, Spotlight bargains
28 How are you feeling today?
Tired but happy
29 What is your favourite thing about Wednesday mornings right now?
Apart from Miss K being at school,  having quiet time with Miss A.
30 What are you most looking forward to next month?
Christmas Day (& the Doctor Who Christmas Special)

The Life:Captured Project – October 2015

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01 Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.
The start of Frocktober. Another chance to raise awareness & funds to help find an early detection test for ovarian cancer. (You can donate here)

02 What sort of school lunches did you have when you were little?
Hmm I think I remember sandwiches. I can’t remember anything else

03 Have you kept in touch with your childhood friends?
Some of them. Mostly thanks to Facebook.

04 When was the last time you and your partner talked? What did you talk about?
Last night. Talked about stuff for Christmas and stuff to do with the girls

05 What were some of your favourite books to read when you were young?
Anything! I read Jaws, Shakespeare, Flowers in the Attic, Trixie Beldon, The Famous 5. I’ve always loved reading and had access to a heap of books

06 What does it mean to be strong?
Being able to handle what ever life throws at you

07 What makes you feel confident?
compliments from hubby

08 What are some things that make you feel nervous?
Speaking in public. Hate it with a passion 

09 Recount a recent evening that you wish to remember.
Taking the girls & FIL to see a TCW show.

10 What is your favourite season, and why?
Summer. It’s warm.

11 What do you hope to achieve by the end of the year?
Finished the girls’ bedroom renovation

12 What’s on your heart right now?
How there is so much cruelness in the world  🙁

13 What are some things that you wish to purge from your life?
So much junk that we store. Excess kids stuff.

14 Do you remember what life was like a year ago today? Describe it.
Miss K was at daycare. Miss A was still a sleepy bubba

15 Describe a typical Saturday for you and your family.
Doing some housework or working out in the yard. Visiting friends/family. Hubby having his mates round to play Dungeons & Dragons once the girls are in bed.

16 What happened at 8pm today?
Girls asleep. Hubby out playing D&D. I’m busy planning blog posts.

17 Write about five things that made you smile this week.
Miss K back at school. Visit from my bestie. Mum getting good news from oncologist. Cooking. Soccer picnic.

18 What are you eating these days?
Lots of variety. Lots of stuff from scratch. Less packaged foods, unless it’s chocolate 😉

19 If you were to dress up for a night out this evening, what would you wear?
My favourite little black dress, heels and a nice necklace & earrings.

20 What have you been thriving on lately?
That I can cook great meals & snacks for my family that are healthy & yum.

21 Describe something that is beautiful to you.
My kids.

22 What is your least favourite time of the day, and why?
Morning. I’m not a morning person at all

23 How do you feel about recent events happening around the world?

24 Why is journaling important to you?
In scrapbooking, it’s important so I can get down the who/what/where of a story that goes with my photos for future generations. In my personal journal, it lets me get down my thoughts down and out of my head.

25 What does happiness look like to you?
My kids playing together, laughing and not fighting

26 Describe something you’ve bought in this last month.
Christmas presents

27 What are three things from this past month that have been eye-opening?
How quick little people learn. How helpful some people can be. That I can not see someone for ages and when we catch up it was like only yesterday we last saw each other.

28 What are three things from this past month that have been antagonising?
The lack of help getting things done. Temper tantrums. My back 🙁 

29 How are you feeling today?
Good. Happy. Miss A slept in her cot all night for the first time in ages.

30 What is your favourite thing about Tuesday afternoons right now?
Spending time with my mum after the girls’ swimming lessons

31 What are you most looking forward to next month?
Pants! As much as I love doing Frocktober, I really want to wear jeans

The Life:Captured Project – September 2015

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01 Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.
Mum & Miss K having some Grandparent/Grandchild time. The two of them love spending time together.

02 What hopes do you hold for the new season that’s upon us?
Spending more time outside and doing stuff

03 What are your favourite flowers and why?
Roses or gerberas. They make me happy

04 Recount the last conversation you had with a stranger.
Um I can’t remember :/

05 What do you always order at your favourite cafe?
Iced chocolate and a toasted ham, cheese & pineapple sandwich

06 What were you doing at 2pm today?
It’s Father’s Day and we’re spending time with my parents at their house

07 How would you describe your personal style?
Me hahahaha I really don’t have a style

08 What’s on your mind today? Write a list.
love swimming. can’t wait for tax return. looking forward to doing up the girls room.

09 Describe (and/or sketch) your dream bag.
This (and I may be getting it for Christmas lol)

10 How are you going with the goals that you made at the beginning of the year?
Pretty good. You can see my half year list here

11 Write about a song and why it holds a special place in your heart.
Fade to Black by Metallica. Reminds me of an interesting time in my life

12 What changes have you made around the home recently?
LOTS! Check out my reno posts.

13 What (or who) has been of inspiration to you lately?
Pinterest. Looking for so many ideas to do up the girls room

14 What condiments can you not cook without?
Used to be salt and pepper now it’s my YIAH collection

15 Write down three of your earliest memories.
Visiting one set of grandparents at the beach. My parent’s black cat watching me when I was little. LOVING to read and devouring any book I could.

16 Who do you turn to when you need to talk?
My mum

17 What have been your go-to meals during the winter/summer just past?
Casseroles, soups, baked spuds, pasta dishes

18 What are three things you are thankful for right now?
warmer weather, getting a bit more back on our tax return allowing us to do some more renos.

19 What normally happens on a Friday?
During the day, stuff with the kids. Hubby usually heads out to a mates place to play D&D after the kids are in bed. I catch up on podcasts, sometimes scrapbook, sometimes cook, sometimes blog. watch TV. surf the net.

20 Write about all the projects you currently have on the go.
Project life. Renovation of the girl’s bedroom. Decluttering – it’s an ongoing project

21 Find out five new facts about your grandparents and write them down.
I’ll have to sit down with mum & dad for this one and get back to you all 🙂

22 What are five (or ten) things you would want your grandchildren to know about you?
I loved to cook. I was kind. I was a crazy cat lady lol. I loved their grandad and their mum. I am lots of fun

23 What is the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?
Bought me flowers and looked after me when I was sick

24 When was the last time your family got together? What did you do and talk about?
Father’s Day (minus my brother) We had lunch and then had a quiet afternoon.

25 Describe something you’ve made in this last month.
A banner for the girl’s bedroom. You can see a preview here

26 What are three things from this past month that have been difficult to process?
Gun control (or lack thereof) in the US. Online trolls – seriously how hard is it to be nice, use your energy for positive. Sickness – I seriously can not wait for it to warm up

27 What are three things from this past month that have been amusing?
Miss A learning to walk. The girls playing together. silly videos on YouTube

28 How are you feeling today?
Excited. My footy team is in the grand final this Saturday

29 What is your favourite thing about Monday evenings right now?
That Miss K goes to sleep quickly cause she’s tired from school 😉

30 What are you most looking forward to next month?
The AFL Grand Final & doing the girls room

The Life:Captured Project – August 2015

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01 Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.
Dad reading to the girls when we went out there for a visit. Love that my girls love books as much as I do.

02 What are five things that you do every day without fail?
Email, cuddles, hot chocolate, eat, social media

03 Would you prefer to live by the ocean or up in the mountains? Why?
Ocean. Total mermaid in a past life. Love swimming. Love the beach.

04 What games did you play with your siblings when you were growing up?
Lots of board games – Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit. Card games

05 When was the last time you and your partner went on a date? Write about it.
Um before Miss K was born. From memory to see Star Wars

06 Do you have any fond memories of camping with your family?
Don’t ever remember camping but do remember bush walking lots

07 If you had an empty room, what are the ten things you would add to it?
I’d turn it into my craft room and I’d add…
1. BIG craft desk; 2. lots of storage; 3. a space for my laptop & printer; 4.a couple of inspirational quotes; 5.pretty vases for fresh flowers; 6.LOTs of family photos; 7. space for my tools so they were out (& I might actually use them); 8. a stereo for some tunes; 9.a small area for kids crafting cause I know the girls would have to join me; 10. books & a big comfy chair for when I just want to get away and read

08 Where’s your favourite place to write?
Either at the kitchen table, in bed or lying in a hammock

09 Do you prefer going to cafes by yourself or with other people?
Depends on my mood, some days it’s by myself, other days with friends

10 What are your ten favourite movies, and why?
In no particular order and for no reason other than I enjoy watching them – Natural Born Killers, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Highlander, Grease, Gleaming the Cube, Pulp Fiction, Star Wars (prefer 4, 5, & 6), Dead Poets Society, Erik the Viking and any Bond movie with Sean Connery

11 How do you cope with stress and anxiety?
Not well. I usually get sick when I’m stressed and my thyroid plays up.

12 What do you usually have with toast?
Butter. nutella. Cheese. mayo & tomato

13 Write about one of your childhood friends.
She lived round the corner. We walked to school together every day. We spent most weekends at each others houses.

14 What are some of the things you tend to do when you procrastinate?
Facebook. Instagram. Mobile games

15 Describe a typical Thursday.
Drop Miss K at school. Do housework or go to town. Occasionally get to sit down and do something I want. Pick up Miss K. After school routine. Tea. Kids to bed. Quiet evening either online or watching TV

16 What are three things you are thankful for right now?
A few minor monetary wins that helped pay some bills. It’s slowly warming up. That I have an awesome family.

17 Is there anywhere in particular you would like to go with your family?
I’d love to take the girls to Disneyland and New Zealand.

18 What currently inspires you?

19 How did your grandparents make a living?
Grandfathers – one was a butcher, the other worked but I’m not sure where. Grandmothers both worked in retail.

20 What is your favourite hour of the day, and why?
When the kids go to bed, because it’s peaceful & I get to spend some quiet quality time with hubby without little people wanting our attention

21 How do you comfort your child(ren) when they are sad?
Lots of cuddles

22 Has somebody been kind to you recently?
Friends passing on a tonne of kids clothes

23 What happened at 1pm today?
We were having lunch with mum, dad & my brother (who was up visiting from Hobart)

24 What are some things weighing on your heart right now?
Worrying about my parents’ health. Frustrations about our house

25 Are there any habits that you would like to develop?
Being a bit more tidy and organised

26 What do you like to snack on in the evenings?
Chips, chocolate, biscuits, toast

27 What are three things from this past month that have been challenging?
Colds, colds, colds. I’m sick of everyone having a cold

28 What are three things from this past month that have uplifted you?
Having the money to pay some bills

29 How are you feeling today?
A little tired. Looking forward to spring and all of us getting better.

30 What is your favourite thing about Saturday afternoons right now?
Having quiet time after soccer. Doing things together as a family

31 What are you most looking forward to next month?
Warmer weather! Bring on Spring!!

The Life:Captured Project – July 2015

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01 Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.
Having lots of cuddles with Miss A. She’s had a rotten head cold and all she wants to do is cuddle into me.

02 What do you love the most about little children?
Snuggles. Watching them grow and learn.

03 When was the last time you chatted with a neighbour? What did you talk about?
About a month ago, when our neighbour moved out. We talked about our other crappy neighbours and travelling

04 If you could grow anything you wanted, what would you grow?

05 When it’s really cold, how do you like to warm up?
Snuggly jumpers, hot chocolate, wood fire

06 What happens on a Wednesday?
Usually Miss K is at school. Every other week is payday so on those weeks – paying bills, grocery shopping, trip to town. If not, just pottering round home or working.

07 What do you usually have for breakfast?
Hot chocolate & toast or cereal. In summer, fresh fruit.

08 What can you see outside your bedroom window?
Our driveway, the road and the side fence

09 Write about three things that you are thankful for right now.
Having a roof over our head, having wood for our fire and lots of good food to eat.

10 What does unconditional love look like?
The love of a parent for a child.

11 What do you think is the hardest thing about being a parent?
Watching your children grown up and become independent

12 When was the last time you cried, and why?
The other night cause my little one wasn’t well and I was just feeling very stressed.

13 Do you find it easy or hard to make new friends?
Sometimes hard. Other times it just clicks and you know you’ll be friends.

14 Who are the people you always go to when you need someone to talk to?
My mum

15 What are some of your family’s favourite dishes?
Chicken, pretty much anything chicken. Chinese BBQ pork. Toblerone Cheesecake

16 What would you say to someone who was grieving?
I’m hear if you need someone to talk to or just want someone to listen

17 Describe your ideal holiday.
Somewhere warm, somewhere we can relax but still go do stuff if we want. Location doesn’t really matter.

18 How do you feel about traveling alone?
I’d love it but I would really miss my family (but some alone time would be nice)

19 What are you feeling stressed or worried about right now?
Not really stressed, just worried I won’t have everything done in time for our daughter’s first birthday

20 What is the first thing that you usually do when you wake up?
Check my phone and turn off the alarm

21 If you could only keep twenty-five things, what would they be?
OMG how hard is this? My laptop, my camera, my phone, my scrapbooks, my thermomix, my pink teddy bear, my favourite jeans, my favourite black boots, my willow tree collection, our D&D collection, my scrapbookng supplies, a printer, my planner, my ipad, ….. i can’t really think of anything else right now

22 When you are gone, what do you want your child(ren) to remember about you?
I was kind and loving

23 What do you like to have with pasta?
Usually spaghetti bolognaise or a chicken/bacon pasta bake

24 Whereabouts in the world do you want to grow old?
Traveling around the world. Would love to be a grey nomad and travel when we retire

25 Write a letter to your parents, and tell them the things you’ve always wanted to say.
Oh I’m not sharing this one on the blog. Sorry world but there’s a few things I’d say that I don’t want to share.

26 Write down your love story.
The short version :p We met. Became good friends (even though both secretly wanting to be more than friends). I ended relationship I was in. We went on holiday together. We moved in together. Started a business together. Got married. Bought a house. Had a child. Decided no more kids. Had another child… TBC 😀 Celebrating 10 years of marriage next year!!

27 What are three things from this past month that have made you think twice?
Silly arguments. Rereading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Listening to other people.

28 What are three things from this past month that have enriched your life?
Renewing old friendships. Having new friends. Big deep and meaningful discussions

29 How are you feeling today?
A little tired but glad Miss A is on the mend. Overwhelmed by how feral our house has become while she has been sick but motivated to get stuck in & clean it up. Looking forward to next weekend.

30 What is your favourite thing about Thursday evenings right now?
It’s almost the weekend 😉

31 What are you most looking forward to next month?
Miss A’s first birthday. And hopefully getting our tax return back

The Life:Captured Project – June 2015

01 Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.
Having tea with mum & dad. They had been at a funeral so we went out there and cooked tea for them – lemon ginger chicken & rice then steamed sticky date puddings

02 What sort of outdoor activities do you enjoy?
Walking, bike riding, going to the beach, photography, watching sport

03 Write down some of your favourite memories with a grandparent.
Spending time at the beach. French toast. Catching up with soapies with my Grandma when sick. Fishing.

04 What are your hopes for your children?
That they grow up to be happy and loved. 

05 What are your biggest fears for your children?
That people will take advantage of them.

06 Find out five things about a distant relative of yours.
I’ll have to work on this one

07 Describe your family’s morning routine right now.
Get up, breakfast, shower, check emails

08 Describe your family’s afternoon routine right now.
Kids watch some kids tv. Dinner prep.

09 Describe your family’s evening routine right now.
Dinner. Kids bath. Skype with my mum. Story time. Bedtime for the kids

10 Write down five funny things that your child(ren) or your partner has said recently.
My armbow hurts (Miss K), Why is it called a beanie bear when it doesn’t wear a beanie? (Miss K)

11 How are you going with your goals for this year?
Pretty good so far. I’ve posted an update for my 100 things list.

12 What are your favourite items of clothing to wear when it’s really cold?
Big thick woollen jackets & cardigans. Scarves in either black, blue or silver

13 What are your favourite soups to drink in winter?
Tomato, carrot, pumpkin, Chinese chicken & sweet corn or leek & potato

14 Write down the recipe (no matter how simple) for your go-to comfort food.
Icing sugar. cocoa (or YIAH chocolate powder). melted butter. dash of milk. Yup chocolate icing. my favourite comfort food

15 How do you feel about speaking in public?
Hate it, with a passion. Which is odd considering a few of my jobs include speaking to groups of people.

16 When was the last time you did something risky? Write about it.
Over 10 years ago. Kissed someone while in a relationship with someone else. The person I was in the relationship was home.

17 What normally happens on a Tuesday?
Swimming lessons in the morning for both girls. Time in town with mum. Afternoon at home.

18 What were the best and hardest parts about growing up?
Best – Having an awesome family and friends. Hardest – the time of teenage rebellion

19 What was your father’s childhood like?
Grew up in Scotland. Moved to Australia when 9.

20 What do you usually snack on throughout the day?
Chocolate. Whatever baking I’ve done. Toast. Nutella

21 Describe your dream garden.
Front – roses Back – veggies, chickens, bees, play area for the kids

22 What does it mean to be brave?
To be able to deal with whatever life throws at you and keep going.

23 If you could have an entire day at home alone, how would you spend it?

24 Is there an aunty or uncle you have a particularly close relationship with?
Not really. I’m pretty close with most of my relatives.

25 What are the five things you love the most about your partner or spouse?

  1.      we like so many of the same things
  2.      he knows how to cheer me up when I’m down
  3.      he makes a great dad to our daughters
  4.      he puts up with my quirky
  5.      he’s just him

26 Is there anything that scares you about growing old?
Getting dementia & loosing my memory. Not having my parents around.

27 What are three things from this past month that have made you cry?
My littliest being sick. Being so tired and emotional. watching silly videos on YouTube

28 What are three things from this past month that have made you laugh?
Watching silly videos on YouTube. My girls playing together. Silly jokes on Facebook

29 How are you feeling today?
A little tired. Miss A has a head cold and was awake on and off all night last night resulting in not much sleep for everyone.

30 What is your favourite thing about winter/summer right now?
Hot chocolate with marshmallows. Warming soups with crusty bread. Wood fire.

The Life:Captured Project – May 2015

01 Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.
Our two girls playing together nicely. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s awesome.

02 What are some things that you’ve been given recently?
A heap of clothes for Miss A, some new scrapping supplies.

03 What is your idea of the perfect morning?
A sleep in, something yummy for breakfast and no rushing

04 What is your idea of the perfect afternoon?

05 What songs or music do you listen to in the car?
Lately the Frozen soundtrack or Spirit of the Anzac

06 When was the last time you felt embarrassed? What happened?
Oh god, any time I have to speak in public in front of a group. I hate it (& yet I’ve been/am a party plan consultant lol)

07 Describe your ideal house.
The house we live in now but extended. Put up a wall between the lounge and dining room, knock out the wall between the dining room and our bedroom, create a media room/lounge. Turn girls room into a guest room. Build up. Bedroom for each of the girls. Small bathroom. Bedroom for hubby & I with en suite. Rebuild garage. Redo office off the back of the garage. Build second story on garage with half as my craft space and half for hubby and his mates to play D&D in

08 What are your favourite books to read over and over again?
Pretty much anything by David Eddings. The Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. Any of the Anne Rice books. The Forgotten Realms series.

09 What subjects did you study at school?
Maths, English, Japanese, French, Social Studies, Music, PE, Home Ec, Science, Design & Tech. Computing

10 What’s the most beautiful gift you’ve ever received?
Both my daughters.

11 Would you like to work for yourself? Why or why not?
Already do.

12 If you could live in another country for a year, where would you go and why?
Either Canada or Scotland. I’ve always had a love for both countries. And we have heaps of rellies in Scotland.

13 Write a love note for somebody you love.


14 What happened at 3pm today?
We’d usually be doing school pickup but because the school did their cross country we did pick up early. Miss k and her dad were watching Star Wars clone wars, miss a was crawling round the house trying to find some mischief to get into and I was working on something for a client. 

15 What are the things you love the most about your ethnic background?
That my parents are Scottish, what’s not to love about that!

16 What other cultures do you find intriguing?
Japanese, the Scandinavian countries

17 What are the things you enjoy the most about your work right now?
Awesome clients who aren’t demanding and wanting everything done yesterday 

18 What sort of jobs have you worked in the past?
Hospitality, tourism

19 How would you like to be remembered?
That I was kind, fun and caring.

20 Do you find it easy to talk to strangers?
Sometimes. It really depends on the circumstances. 

21 What sort of parties do you like to go to?
At the moment, mainly kids birthday parties. 

22 Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
A bit of both

23 Back in your school days, what did you and friends do during lunchtime?
In primary school, played handball or marbles. In high school, hung out on the library or music room, usually just chatting about anything and everything. 

24 Name your ten favourite blogs.
In no particular order:
Little Lioness
Devil’s Panties
Ali Edwards
Cathy Zielske
Heidi Swapp
Simple Scrapper
Life:Captured Inc

25 What was your mother’s childhood like?
Mum grew up in Scotland. They moved to Australia when she was 9.  (I must get her to sit down and write about her childhood)

26 What social issues do you feel passionate about?
Animal rights. Glbti issues. 

27 Where do you retreat to for solitude and quiet?
Books and scrapbooking
Going for walks

28 What are three things from this past month that have energised and motivated you?
Watching Miss K play soccer.
Talking to others online
Journaling (the Life:Captured project has been great motivation)

29 What are three things from this past month that have comforted you?
Chats with mum
Warm fires
Lots of cooking

30 How are you feeling today?
Tired. Happy the Hawks had a win. Happy the kids are getter better at soccer.

31 What is your favourite thing about Mondays right now?
Time to spend with Miss A while Miss K is at school.

The Life:Captured Project – April 2015

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1. What are some things that you’ve bought recently?
Scrapbooking supplies, books, clothes, food

2.What are some things that you’ve made recently?
Birthday cakes (MIL, hubby, SIL), cards, some scrapbook pages

3. Write about three friendships which you’ve made online.
I’ve made some great friendships online through my blog and through Facebook. One of the first friends I made that I still keep in touch with (well reading her blog and commenting on that and Facebook) is Kelly. We ‘met’ through the Australian FlyLady group on Yahoo many moons ago and I finally met her IRL at a blog con in 2012.
Another is the girls in my birthgroup from Miss A. I sadly haven’t kept in touch with any of the mums from Miss K’s birthgroup.

4. What did your family used to do on weekends when you were little?
I remember going to the beach, visiting my grandparents, gardening, visiting the cousins.

5. What makes your heart ache?
Animal cruelty, child abuse, homelessness.

6. How did you get to school when you were little?
Mum took us by car or we walked. I remember walking to & from school lots when I was younger and walking home from high school.

7. What makes you laugh out loud?
A good comedy. My girls

8. Who were your favourite musicians when you were a teenager?
This list really hasn’t changed much as I’ve gotten older. Metallica. Pink Floyd. Fleetwood Mac. Nirvana. Pearl Jam. The Beatles. Weird Al. Beastie Boys. The Clash. Rollins/Black Flag. Sex Pistols.

9. Have you recently argued or disagreed with anyone?
Hubby over the stupidest things. Usually housework

10. How would you describe your family?
Whole. Me, hubby, 2 kids and 2 cats.

11. What are you thankful for right now?
Mum’s continuing good health. Having a warm bed to sleep in at night. Having good food on the table. Having the opportunity to do something I enjoy.

12. Write down everybody in your entire extended family.
On my side of the family. Still alive – 1 grandmother, 2 parents, a brother, 3 aunties, 3 uncles, 6 cousins

13. If you could only keep ten items of clothing, what would they be?
My blue jeans, my grey knit jacket, my black maxi dress,

14. Describe something that you’ve kept from your childhood.
I’ve kept my dolls house that dad mad me when I was little. We did it up and passed it on to Miss K.

15. Who was your first sweetheart?
In high school it was Ben. We had such a love hate relationship when we broke up. 

16. What is something that you’ve been struggling with this month?
Sleep. My temper (see previous about lack of sleep)

17. Write down all your hobbies.
Scrapbooking, cooking, cross stitch, drawing, RPG, reading

18. What makes you jump out and shout for joy?
When my daughters do something new/hard/exciting

19. Who was your favourite teacher from school?
High School – Mr Chapple, our music teacher. He was such a great guy. Knew how to get the work out of you but you always felt like you could go talk to him

20. What did you like to buy from the school canteen?
Hot cheese roll. Plain roll with a cheese slice in the microwave for 30 seconds. Burning deliciousness.

21. What are three lessons that you’ve recently learnt?
My kids are pretty clued in. I can function on very little sleep (but get a shocking short fuse). I really enjoy swimming.

22. What is your idea of the perfect evening?
Kids in bed (asleep), something good on telly and some uninterrupted scrapbooking time.

23. Describe your relationship with your father.
Good now. Were both pretty stubborn, both Aquarians. Often come to loggerheads over things and neither will back down. Now that we’re both older we get along much better and are finding we’re very much alike with some thoughts

24. What are two things you would like to change about the world we live in.
Get rid of religion – it causes so many problems. End homelessness and poverty – we have so much but why are there still so many, living with so little.

25. What is something that you’re scared or anxious about right now?
Not really scared or anxious but a little worried about how Miss A will go transitioning from our bed/bassinet to the cot. Time she moved to her own bedroom, well one shared with her sister.

26. Do you feel loved?
Very much so.

27. What are three things from this past month that have required attention?
Easter. Miss A cause she’s teething and clingy. Our BAS (but I keep putting that one off :/)

28. What are three things from this past month that has been heart warming?
Watching the bond grow between our 2 girls. The bond between Miss A & hubby. Having some great family time.

29. How are you feeling today?
Pretty good. Organised. Tired. Motivated.

30. What is your favourite thing about Sunday afternoons right now?
Baking. I’m loving baking treats for Miss K’s school lunches (& snacks for us).

The Life:Captured Project – March 2015

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01. What was the last thing you talked about with your mother?
We’re busy planning our Afternoon Teal event that we postponed due to my youngest being sick.

02. What is your favourite colour, and why?
Purple or black. No real reason apart from the fact I like them.

03. When was the last time you did something reckless?
I honestly can’t remember. Most likely back in my 20s cause I’m old and boring now. What? 37 is old lol

04. What do you love about summer?
The warm weather. Get to wear cute dresses. 

05. What sort of dessert do you like in the evenings?
Hmm favourite desserts – crème caramel or caramel oranges would have to be my two really favourites or chocolate mousse

06. How would you describe yourself in less than 500 words?
Mum. Wife. Daughter. Aunt. Sister. Lister. Scrapbooker. Photographer. Geek. Girl gamer. Lover of chocolate. Foodie. Blogger. Soccer Mum. Me. All the above and so much more.

07. Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.
That you really should watch how you move your laptop. Otherwise you break the screen.

08. What are your favourite drinks?
Hot – hot chocolate. Cold – Iced chocolate, Coke

09. What do you like to wear to bed?
In summer as little as possible. In winter something nice and warm.

10. What do you remember about your primary school days?
The horrid school uniform – brown and green. Playing marbles. Having a great teacher in Grade 6.

11. Write about three friendships of yours which you know are for life.
My hubby.
My bestie, Lisa. We don’t see each other often or talk often enough but will always consider her a friends.

12. Name five people you admire, and discuss why.
My parents. Just because.
Eden Riley. I have such a girl crush on Eden. Amazing, strong woman. Been through so much and lives to tell the tale. Awesome blogger & slam poet.
Angelina Jolie. Dunno why, just always admired her.
Rosie Batty. Strong woman. Advocate against domestic violence.
I can’t think of anyone else right now.

13. Is there anything weighing on your heart right now?
Worrying about my mum

14. Write about a grandparent with whom you connected.
I can’t say I connected more with any of y grandparents. I used to watch daytime soapies with one of my grandmothers and then I found out after her death she used to enjoy watching pro-wrestling too.

15. What do you and your best mates like to do together?
Hang out, watch footy, talk about stuff.

16. How do you feel when it rains?
Love it of a night time. Nothing like the sound of rain on a tin roof.

17. Who were some of your childhood heroes?
I can’t really remember. Wonder Woman probably. MacGyver. The A-Team. 

18. Write down one family recipe that you will cherish forever.
I don’t have the actual recipe but my grandmother’s cherry cake. I’ve tried to make different recipes but never have the success. I’m hoping someone in the family has the actual recipe. 

19. What do you usually do around three o’clock in the afternoon?
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday pick up Miss K from school. Other days it’s getting stuff ready for tea.

20. Describe a typical Monday.
Get up, drag bum out of bed. Make a cuppa. Get Miss K out of bed. Breakfast. Showers. Take Miss K to school. Come home. Have another cuppa. Check emails. Do some work. Do some housework. Look after Miss A. Pick up Miss K from school. Home and get tea on. Bath girls. Get them to bed. Quiet time for me & hubby (tv, blogging, washing, reading). Cuppa. Bed.

21. What sort of adventures do you dream of going on?
Scotland. Machu Pichu. Canada. I really want to travel.

22. Is there anything about yourself that you want to change?
My hair colour – I want to go red.

23. Write about a recent dream that you’ve had.
*blush* um no

24. Write about your favourite place to eat as a family.
We have a few favourite places to go and eat as a family. Recently we’ve been going to the local hotel that does wicked pub meals AND they have an awesome kids room.

25. How does your family usually celebrate birthdays?
Depends on the person. Most of the time we go out for a meal. Unless it’s a big birthday then there’s usually a party. Of course if you are Miss K, you want a big party every year.

26. How do you feel about motherhood?
Love it. Hate it. Mostly love it.

27. Write down something funny that’s happened this last week.
Miss A doing a poop in the bath. Not all that funny but Miss K’s reaction had me giggling. She was in the bath when it happened.

28. What are three things from this past month that have been stressful?
Afternoon Teal (but I LOVE doing it). Money issues. Breaking my laptop

29. What are three things from this past month that has made you smile?
Afternoon Teal. Miss K’s athletics carnival. Signing up for YIAH

30. How are you feeling today?
A little annoyed. Long story short. People saying they will do something then not doing what we’d discussed

31. What is your favourite thing about mornings right now?
Cuddles with my girls.