In my planner – May & June 2022

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Back into my planner for the next two months – May & June.

May was the Planners Anonymous Chapter 3 Luxe B6 wide insert. June was the new Bujo layout of inserts for Planners Anonymous, this one is for Planner Love. It’s been fun playing with bujo layouts again.

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Stickers used come from Planners Anonymous, Luscious Labels, The Printable Collection, Victoria Thatcher, KHD Stickers and my personal junk journal supplies

In my planner – March & April 2022

I’ve moved into my Planners Anonymous Northern Lights melody for the Autumn/Winter period. I love the watercolour images and the purples in this planner.

Inserts are from Planners Anonymous. March was Tropicanna luxe (holding on to summer as long as I can) and April was Hygge Life luxe.
Stickers and washi from Planners Anonymous, Luscious Labels, KHD Studios, Min Van Dreams, The Printable Collection, Victoria Thatcher & Pink Pixel Graphics

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In my planner–January & February 2022

This year I thought I’d share my planner spreads each quarter. Hopefully it might give someone some inspiration for how they can use planner kits – the majority of my pages are created using the subscription boxes from Planners Anonymous.

January and February rounded out Summer in my Note to Self melody. January I used the Planners Anonymous Masquerade luxe B6 wide insert and February I used an older luxe B6 insert from the Planners Anonymous kit Love Bug.

Stickers are from Planners Anonymous, Luscious Labels, Mom Envy and Pink Pixel Graphics.

For Autumn & Winter (March through August) I’m moving into my Northern Lights melody from Planners Anon.

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My planner set up in 2022

Not much is really changing this year in my planner (you can read my 2021 setup post here). I’ll still be using my combo of the Planners Anonymous Note to Self B6 Melody for Spring/Summer and Northern Lights B6 Melody for Autumn/Winter…… unless I get a new cover for my birthday at the end of January, or through the year *fingers crossed*


Inside I’ve got my B6 pocket in Water droplets (blue) from DesleyJane Plans to house my most used weekly stickers. At the moment they are stickers from Luscious Labels, KHD Stickers, Moby & Co and Kmart monthly planner stickers (sadly these are no longer available)


Page lifters at each end of the planner made by me using the Planners Anon Note to Self digital kit. Printed on 200gsm paper and glued to some cardstock.
Dashboards by DesleyJane Plans. I currently have Pink Petals and Water Droplets (blue). Dark Romance is in my Northern Lights planner.067

and finally – Planners Anon luxe B6 inserts. January is Masquerade. I’m hoping Planner Love will be available soon so I can use that for February.


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My planner setup for 2021

Well, wasn’t 2020 an interesting year. Stuck at home. Schooling from home. Endless Zoom calls. Not a real lot to put in the planner….

If you read my post from this time last year (thanks for sticking around and if you are new, Welcome!) I was in the Planners Anonymous Planner Babe TN. Well Sami did not disappoint and released the gorgeous Northern Lights Melody (more about that in a bit), as well as another 7 Melody planners.

What is a Melody Planner? To quote Planners Anon….

“The concept behind the melody is simple. We wanted to create a planner that is flexible and able to grow and change as you do. Inspired by life and music, this planner is composed from the ground up. The cover has the unique ability to segue between rings, strings, discs, booklets and book bound inserts.

How will you use your Melody?”


I bought the Northern Lights one as soon as it was released but decided not to go with the rings bundle, cause I was not really a rings girl (been there done that) but after a few months caved and ended up going rings & strings. Fast forward another few months and they released the Note to Self Melody.


I bought this one and the rings bundle as well. So I currently have a Spring/Summer planner (Note to Self) and an Autumn/Winter (Northern Lights) AND I’ve gone back to rings for my inserts.

After all that, here’s my setup for 2021 (at this stage anyway)

  • Cover – Planners Anonymous Melody Planner with rings and strings
  • 2021 B6 Single Page Monthly + Tracker Printable Insert from Annie Plans Printables
  • Dashboards by DesleyJane Plans. I currently have Pink Petals, Dark Romance and Water Droplets (blue)
  • Pocket also by DesleyJane Plans in Water Droplets (blue) for the stickers I use every week
  • Monthly inserts from Planners Anonymous that came with the rings bundle. They are hoping to have them as a separate purchase soon.
  • Custom made dot grid TN insert in the back for collections & notes. I just made this myself by cutting down some A4 dot grid paper to B6 and made a cover from the Planners Anonymous Planner Babe freebie (which you can grab, along with other freebies, here)


So that’s my planner for 2021 in a nutshell. How are you planning this year?

Planning in 2020

After 3 years in a bound book type bullet journal I’ve decided to change things up a bit for 2020. I’m going Traveller’s Notebook!

To be honest I was bitten by the bug last year but didn’t want to dive in fully so I did a frankenplanner for the last few months of 2019. My bound book bullet journal in an A5 ring binder converted to a stringed Traveller’s Notebook. I blogged about my DIY in 2017, tried it out a bit, wasn’t sold. Tried it again in 2018 for a bit and still not sold. Finally subbed to Planners Anonymous and then I tried their B6 sized inserts  (without a TN cover) and loved the more portable size. So I made myself a laminated TN cover and ran 2 planners for the remainder of 2019.

Towards the end of the year, Sami released the gorgeous Planner Babe B6 TN and I decided I really wanted to buy it. I’m not a pink girl but Planner Babe is one of my favourite kits so far. (I’m excited that there might be a Northern Lights TN coming soon, after all a girl needs to swap out her TNs with the seasons right? Right!)

Planners Anonymous Planner Babe Travellers Notebook

So that’s what we’re in for 2020. My inserts so far are:

  • 2020 Single Page Monthly + Tracker Printable Insert from Annie Plans Printables
  • Luxe subscriber undated insert from Planners Anonymous. This is my weekly insert. It changes each month depending what the PA kit is. January is Northern Lights. February is most likely going to be Books & Botanicals.
  • Planners Anonymous Dot Grid Insert for collections. Currently using the Northern Lights one. May add the Books & Botanicals one as a way of tracking the books I read this year.
  • Custom made B6 blank page insert. I’m using this to create my 2020 vision boards. A Vision journal if you will
  • The vegan leather envelope that came with the Planner Babe kit. Currently empty. Not sure if I will keep it there or add another insert.

Talking bout planners….

I’ve been using my Bullet Journal now since mid October last year and I’m definitely sold! I love how flexible it is and how I can just add what I like, I’m not stuck with a set layout each week. It can be as fancy r as plain as I want it to be. But recently I started thinking…. I’m nearly at the end of my first journal and I don’t really love the idea of having to migrate half finished collections to my new book. So what’s a girl to do?

Then Kara at Boho Berry posted a video on how she’s transferring her bullet journal to a traveller’s notebook set up (you can read about it and watch the video here). This really sold me on the idea and I thought this could be the solution to my planner problems. I can keep using my Leuchtturm, add an insert for my collections and have an insert for my scrapbook planner which is lying abandoned somewhere in my room because realistically I can’t use more than one planner.

Now to find me a cover and some inserts, maybe have a go at making my own.
ETA: before I decided to hit post I had a go at making my own insert using this tutorial and using this YouTube video for the binding


Will your still here I might as well share some spreads I’ve created since December.

IMG_1280 IMG_1281 IMG_1283 IMG_1284 IMG_1286 IMG_1287 IMG_1288 IMG_1289 IMG_1290 IMG_1291 IMG_1292 IMG_1293

Bullet Journal a few more months in

Well here we are in January and I have to admit, I’m still loving my BuJo and I’m still using it every day. If it had been a regular planner, it’s about this stage (3 months) I start to forget to use my planner and it seems like a chore. I really don’t know what it is about the BuJo system that makes it work so well for me. We’ll see how I’m going at the 6 month mark.

Now on to the sharing….

I’ve started using my BuJo for other things and creating collections and planning. For our trip to Queensland at Christmas I created a page for our itinerary, a to do list for before we left and a packing list


I shared the cover for my Christmas planner last time and inside it I created pages for our Elf ideas, gift list and a little Christmas countdown (created with stickers from Lovely Planner.)

IMG_8540 IMG_8541

Then onto December…including my tracker for challenges, another Zen Art Challenge and my year in review.

IMG_8542 IMG_8543IMG_8544 IMG_8545IMG_8546 IMG_8547

So there you go. I’ll be back in a couple of months to share the next few months and to keep you up to date with how I’m going.

Bullet Journal 1 month in

Well we’re just over a month into using my bullet journal and I must say I’m loving it. It’s so much easier and makes much more sense to my list loving brain.

What I’ve learnt so far…..

1. Follow the basics til you get a grip on it. Go visit the home of the Bullet Journal first. Read how Ryder sets it up. Devour the videos. Follow the basic setup for at least your first month.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others. Yes all the Facebook groups and Pinterest and Instagram are awesome for inspiration but your journal is yours. Do as you wish.

3. Don’t try and do all the challenges you find. This month I tried to keep up with 4. I managed to do one everyday. Next month I’ll be more selective which challenges I actually attempt.

4. Also don’t try and track everything. Be selective. You can always track different things next month.

With that out of the way, here’s some of my spreads…

002  005

My first monthly page. Pretty plain when compared to my second month (I started half way through October). Love this spread much more but I still want to work on it.

007 008

Getting much more confident with creating collection, doodling and adding some pretties. This is my first Zen Art Challenge and the cover page for my Christmas planner. The illustration is from Urban:Eve’s Christmas planner (I Love her Christmas planners, her art is amazing). I printed it on clear sticker paper then cut it out for my bullet journal.

So where to from here? I’ve added a few pages for our upcoming trip and have started decorating my December pages. I’m really loving this system. We’ll see how it goes in a few months.