Cool Gelmat & Toasty Buns

Disclaimer – I was provided a Cool Gelmat pillow size & a Toasty Buns to try. All opinions are my own.

So a cool mat is probably something you would think wouldn’t be that useful in Tasmania, especially in winter when it does get very chilly BUT this little gelmat has been a saviour on a couple of occasions recently. I, like many others, am one of the unfortunate sufferers of migraines. You know the ones that get so bad that you have to go into a dark room to get any relief.


The last time I got a migraine I decided to give the Cool Gelmat a try. Usually, I’ll lie down in our bedroom, with all the curtains shut, some essential oil burning (anything but lavender as I’m allergic to it) and a cold face washer over the temples. After about 10 minutes, I’ll be yelling at hubby to cool the face washer down again. This time I popped the Cool Gelmat on my pillow and lay down. It’s quite comfy and doesn’t feel like there is anything bulky on your pillow. Bonus. Hubby came to check on me after about 15 minutes, apparently – don’t remember it as I’d fallen asleep! I woke about an hour and a half later feeling much better and refreshed. Not the usual drowsy I’ve-just-had-an-afternoon-nap feeling. Another bonus.

I also suffer from lower back problems and after doing some lifting over the last few days of boxes that were a little too heavy (yeah I know bad me) I was suffering from the tell tale back twinge that was a sign of worse things to come. After a nice relaxing bath (well as relaxing as a bath can be when Miss K decided to join me lol) I thought I’d give the gelmat a try to see if it offered any relief. I was very surprised to say it did. Cooled the sore regions and left me feeling a lot better than just a bath alone. Was still sore the next morning but not as sore as usual when I do something silly – like lifting stuff that is too heavy.

Cool Gelmats are advertised to provide heat relief from Headaches, Fevers, Migraines, Hot Flushes, Menopause, Radiation treatment, Oncology, Multiple Sclerosis, Sun Burn (look forward to trying it out if I get sunburnt this summer), Sleeping Hot, Heat Stroke, and Diabetic side-effects. You can find out more on their website

Toasty Buns are such a cute idea. I spent the first couple of nights using it to warm my bum. Hey it was cold lol.


Toasty Buns “Works by retaining your body’s own natural warmth. Thousands of isolated bubbles capture and accumulate body heat and prevent cold air from circulating. Doesn’t rely on electricity making it safe and portable. No expensive power bills makes Toasty Buns cost effective and environmentally friendly. Perfect for on the couch, at the office, in the car, going camping, at the footy or anywhere you feel the cold!”

It’s now being used in Miss K’s bed to keep her warm. She (like her mother) feels the cold of a night. I don’t like the idea of having an electric blanket or a hot water bottle in kid’s beds (I recently saw a child’s electric blanket advertised with pretty patterns on it) so Toasty Buns sounded like a great solution. It seems to work well. Miss K is sleeping a lot warmer and her bed doesn’t feel cold if I have to give her an overnight feed. I do know I’m looking forward to taking it to the footy next year. That’s if I can get it away from Miss K.

More information on Toasty Buns can be found at their website