Creating a glorious haven in your home

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So most will know I am a HUGE fan of Leonie Dawson (aka Goddess Leonie) and her Amazing Biz and Life Academy. I found out about the site after hearing about the amazing Create Your Incredible Year Calendar & Workbook and finally joined at the end of 2011. I love it. Love I have access to an amazing group of wonderful women. Love I have access to amazing e-courses and it’s one of these e-courses I’m blogging about today –  Create your Goddess Haven.


Leonie describes the Goddess Haven e-course as

A six-week adventure for when you’re wanting & needing & craving a space that is a true haven for your the Goddess in You! You’ll use space clearing techniques to make your space’s energy sparkle. You’ll learn how to divinely declutter. You’ll dive into inspired interior design. You’ll be empowered with all of the wisdom, tools & techniques you need to make your space feel & look amazing to you. And you’ll end up with a home that is a sanctuary just for you.

I started my adventure earlier this week and decided to blog about it as I go.

The three main things I want to have changed at the end of the six weeks are

  1. Our bedroom. It’s a dumping ground at the moment, I want it to be a sanctuary for me & hubby.
  2. The sunroom/Miss K’s playroom. Another dumping ground and a total mess.
  3. Keeping the stuff in our lounge to a minimum.

I’ll blog a bit more when I’ve finished week one.