Give me 2 weeks and I’ll give you 14 recipes

As you know, I LOVE cooking and baking and I’ve decided to challenge myself to do a few 2 week challenges and then you get the recipes PLUS I’ll be sharing our opinion on whether it’s a yay or nay.

So what are the challenges?

  • 14 days using YIAH in our main meal
  • 14 days of Thermomix main meals
  • 14 days of baking with YIAH
  • 14 days of baking with Thermomix (are you sensing a theme lol)
  • 14 of recipes from Pinterest
  • ????? who knows – I’m open to ideas

Starting on Tuesday I’ll be back posting what I’m cooking for the fortnight starting with using my Thermo for 14 main meals

Happy Cinco De Mayo

A little self promotion LOL


We are having a fiesta to celebrate Cinco de Mayo May 1-11 with 25% off A Taste Of Mexico products!

Picante Mexican Oil
Chamoy Vinegar * not in USA/CAN
Pumpkin Fiesta Dip Mix * not in USA/CAN
Guacamole Dip Mix
Milk Chocolate
Chilli Chocolate
Salsa Dip Mix
Fajita Spice
Taco Spice
Chilli Chocolate & Almond Dukkah
Casa Mexicana Spice
Chilli Lime Chipotle Rub

Shop online. Check out my Facebook page for some great Mexican recipes

In the Den Kitchen – YIAH edition

So what is YIAH I hear you ask? Well it stands for Your Inspiration at Home. It’s an Australian company that makes all-natural seasonings, spices, salts and other items (like teas, chocolate powders, dip mixes and lots more) and sells them via Independent consultants, like me (as of this evening)

Cupcake cover

I hosted a party last year and fell in love with the products. I was hooked when I tried the dip mixes and chocolate powders. The opportunity to join YIAH came up (ok so they had a joining special this month and hubby said go for it) so I have decided to join and share my love of the product with friends and family.

Anywho, from now on some of my In the Den Kitchen posts will contain YIAH products or I’ll be sharing recipes from the YIAH recipe site.

Today I’m sharing one of the first YIAH recipes I cooked – Bacon & Corn Cob Loaf

I usually make my own cobb loaf, but you’ll have to wait til next week for that one 😉

If you are interested in checking out what YIAH has to offer, go have a look at my page