The Life:Captured Project – April 2015

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1. What are some things that you’ve bought recently?
Scrapbooking supplies, books, clothes, food

2.What are some things that you’ve made recently?
Birthday cakes (MIL, hubby, SIL), cards, some scrapbook pages

3. Write about three friendships which you’ve made online.
I’ve made some great friendships online through my blog and through Facebook. One of the first friends I made that I still keep in touch with (well reading her blog and commenting on that and Facebook) is Kelly. We ‘met’ through the Australian FlyLady group on Yahoo many moons ago and I finally met her IRL at a blog con in 2012.
Another is the girls in my birthgroup from Miss A. I sadly haven’t kept in touch with any of the mums from Miss K’s birthgroup.

4. What did your family used to do on weekends when you were little?
I remember going to the beach, visiting my grandparents, gardening, visiting the cousins.

5. What makes your heart ache?
Animal cruelty, child abuse, homelessness.

6. How did you get to school when you were little?
Mum took us by car or we walked. I remember walking to & from school lots when I was younger and walking home from high school.

7. What makes you laugh out loud?
A good comedy. My girls

8. Who were your favourite musicians when you were a teenager?
This list really hasn’t changed much as I’ve gotten older. Metallica. Pink Floyd. Fleetwood Mac. Nirvana. Pearl Jam. The Beatles. Weird Al. Beastie Boys. The Clash. Rollins/Black Flag. Sex Pistols.

9. Have you recently argued or disagreed with anyone?
Hubby over the stupidest things. Usually housework

10. How would you describe your family?
Whole. Me, hubby, 2 kids and 2 cats.

11. What are you thankful for right now?
Mum’s continuing good health. Having a warm bed to sleep in at night. Having good food on the table. Having the opportunity to do something I enjoy.

12. Write down everybody in your entire extended family.
On my side of the family. Still alive – 1 grandmother, 2 parents, a brother, 3 aunties, 3 uncles, 6 cousins

13. If you could only keep ten items of clothing, what would they be?
My blue jeans, my grey knit jacket, my black maxi dress,

14. Describe something that you’ve kept from your childhood.
I’ve kept my dolls house that dad mad me when I was little. We did it up and passed it on to Miss K.

15. Who was your first sweetheart?
In high school it was Ben. We had such a love hate relationship when we broke up. 

16. What is something that you’ve been struggling with this month?
Sleep. My temper (see previous about lack of sleep)

17. Write down all your hobbies.
Scrapbooking, cooking, cross stitch, drawing, RPG, reading

18. What makes you jump out and shout for joy?
When my daughters do something new/hard/exciting

19. Who was your favourite teacher from school?
High School – Mr Chapple, our music teacher. He was such a great guy. Knew how to get the work out of you but you always felt like you could go talk to him

20. What did you like to buy from the school canteen?
Hot cheese roll. Plain roll with a cheese slice in the microwave for 30 seconds. Burning deliciousness.

21. What are three lessons that you’ve recently learnt?
My kids are pretty clued in. I can function on very little sleep (but get a shocking short fuse). I really enjoy swimming.

22. What is your idea of the perfect evening?
Kids in bed (asleep), something good on telly and some uninterrupted scrapbooking time.

23. Describe your relationship with your father.
Good now. Were both pretty stubborn, both Aquarians. Often come to loggerheads over things and neither will back down. Now that we’re both older we get along much better and are finding we’re very much alike with some thoughts

24. What are two things you would like to change about the world we live in.
Get rid of religion – it causes so many problems. End homelessness and poverty – we have so much but why are there still so many, living with so little.

25. What is something that you’re scared or anxious about right now?
Not really scared or anxious but a little worried about how Miss A will go transitioning from our bed/bassinet to the cot. Time she moved to her own bedroom, well one shared with her sister.

26. Do you feel loved?
Very much so.

27. What are three things from this past month that have required attention?
Easter. Miss A cause she’s teething and clingy. Our BAS (but I keep putting that one off :/)

28. What are three things from this past month that has been heart warming?
Watching the bond grow between our 2 girls. The bond between Miss A & hubby. Having some great family time.

29. How are you feeling today?
Pretty good. Organised. Tired. Motivated.

30. What is your favourite thing about Sunday afternoons right now?
Baking. I’m loving baking treats for Miss K’s school lunches (& snacks for us).

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