The Life:Captured Project – July 2015

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01 Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.
Having lots of cuddles with Miss A. She’s had a rotten head cold and all she wants to do is cuddle into me.

02 What do you love the most about little children?
Snuggles. Watching them grow and learn.

03 When was the last time you chatted with a neighbour? What did you talk about?
About a month ago, when our neighbour moved out. We talked about our other crappy neighbours and travelling

04 If you could grow anything you wanted, what would you grow?

05 When it’s really cold, how do you like to warm up?
Snuggly jumpers, hot chocolate, wood fire

06 What happens on a Wednesday?
Usually Miss K is at school. Every other week is payday so on those weeks – paying bills, grocery shopping, trip to town. If not, just pottering round home or working.

07 What do you usually have for breakfast?
Hot chocolate & toast or cereal. In summer, fresh fruit.

08 What can you see outside your bedroom window?
Our driveway, the road and the side fence

09 Write about three things that you are thankful for right now.
Having a roof over our head, having wood for our fire and lots of good food to eat.

10 What does unconditional love look like?
The love of a parent for a child.

11 What do you think is the hardest thing about being a parent?
Watching your children grown up and become independent

12 When was the last time you cried, and why?
The other night cause my little one wasn’t well and I was just feeling very stressed.

13 Do you find it easy or hard to make new friends?
Sometimes hard. Other times it just clicks and you know you’ll be friends.

14 Who are the people you always go to when you need someone to talk to?
My mum

15 What are some of your family’s favourite dishes?
Chicken, pretty much anything chicken. Chinese BBQ pork. Toblerone Cheesecake

16 What would you say to someone who was grieving?
I’m hear if you need someone to talk to or just want someone to listen

17 Describe your ideal holiday.
Somewhere warm, somewhere we can relax but still go do stuff if we want. Location doesn’t really matter.

18 How do you feel about traveling alone?
I’d love it but I would really miss my family (but some alone time would be nice)

19 What are you feeling stressed or worried about right now?
Not really stressed, just worried I won’t have everything done in time for our daughter’s first birthday

20 What is the first thing that you usually do when you wake up?
Check my phone and turn off the alarm

21 If you could only keep twenty-five things, what would they be?
OMG how hard is this? My laptop, my camera, my phone, my scrapbooks, my thermomix, my pink teddy bear, my favourite jeans, my favourite black boots, my willow tree collection, our D&D collection, my scrapbookng supplies, a printer, my planner, my ipad, ….. i can’t really think of anything else right now

22 When you are gone, what do you want your child(ren) to remember about you?
I was kind and loving

23 What do you like to have with pasta?
Usually spaghetti bolognaise or a chicken/bacon pasta bake

24 Whereabouts in the world do you want to grow old?
Traveling around the world. Would love to be a grey nomad and travel when we retire

25 Write a letter to your parents, and tell them the things you’ve always wanted to say.
Oh I’m not sharing this one on the blog. Sorry world but there’s a few things I’d say that I don’t want to share.

26 Write down your love story.
The short version :p We met. Became good friends (even though both secretly wanting to be more than friends). I ended relationship I was in. We went on holiday together. We moved in together. Started a business together. Got married. Bought a house. Had a child. Decided no more kids. Had another child… TBC 😀 Celebrating 10 years of marriage next year!!

27 What are three things from this past month that have made you think twice?
Silly arguments. Rereading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Listening to other people.

28 What are three things from this past month that have enriched your life?
Renewing old friendships. Having new friends. Big deep and meaningful discussions

29 How are you feeling today?
A little tired but glad Miss A is on the mend. Overwhelmed by how feral our house has become while she has been sick but motivated to get stuck in & clean it up. Looking forward to next weekend.

30 What is your favourite thing about Thursday evenings right now?
It’s almost the weekend 😉

31 What are you most looking forward to next month?
Miss A’s first birthday. And hopefully getting our tax return back

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