The Life:Captured Project – June 2015

01 Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.
Having tea with mum & dad. They had been at a funeral so we went out there and cooked tea for them – lemon ginger chicken & rice then steamed sticky date puddings

02 What sort of outdoor activities do you enjoy?
Walking, bike riding, going to the beach, photography, watching sport

03 Write down some of your favourite memories with a grandparent.
Spending time at the beach. French toast. Catching up with soapies with my Grandma when sick. Fishing.

04 What are your hopes for your children?
That they grow up to be happy and loved. 

05 What are your biggest fears for your children?
That people will take advantage of them.

06 Find out five things about a distant relative of yours.
I’ll have to work on this one

07 Describe your family’s morning routine right now.
Get up, breakfast, shower, check emails

08 Describe your family’s afternoon routine right now.
Kids watch some kids tv. Dinner prep.

09 Describe your family’s evening routine right now.
Dinner. Kids bath. Skype with my mum. Story time. Bedtime for the kids

10 Write down five funny things that your child(ren) or your partner has said recently.
My armbow hurts (Miss K), Why is it called a beanie bear when it doesn’t wear a beanie? (Miss K)

11 How are you going with your goals for this year?
Pretty good so far. I’ve posted an update for my 100 things list.

12 What are your favourite items of clothing to wear when it’s really cold?
Big thick woollen jackets & cardigans. Scarves in either black, blue or silver

13 What are your favourite soups to drink in winter?
Tomato, carrot, pumpkin, Chinese chicken & sweet corn or leek & potato

14 Write down the recipe (no matter how simple) for your go-to comfort food.
Icing sugar. cocoa (or YIAH chocolate powder). melted butter. dash of milk. Yup chocolate icing. my favourite comfort food

15 How do you feel about speaking in public?
Hate it, with a passion. Which is odd considering a few of my jobs include speaking to groups of people.

16 When was the last time you did something risky? Write about it.
Over 10 years ago. Kissed someone while in a relationship with someone else. The person I was in the relationship was home.

17 What normally happens on a Tuesday?
Swimming lessons in the morning for both girls. Time in town with mum. Afternoon at home.

18 What were the best and hardest parts about growing up?
Best – Having an awesome family and friends. Hardest – the time of teenage rebellion

19 What was your father’s childhood like?
Grew up in Scotland. Moved to Australia when 9.

20 What do you usually snack on throughout the day?
Chocolate. Whatever baking I’ve done. Toast. Nutella

21 Describe your dream garden.
Front – roses Back – veggies, chickens, bees, play area for the kids

22 What does it mean to be brave?
To be able to deal with whatever life throws at you and keep going.

23 If you could have an entire day at home alone, how would you spend it?

24 Is there an aunty or uncle you have a particularly close relationship with?
Not really. I’m pretty close with most of my relatives.

25 What are the five things you love the most about your partner or spouse?

  1.      we like so many of the same things
  2.      he knows how to cheer me up when I’m down
  3.      he makes a great dad to our daughters
  4.      he puts up with my quirky
  5.      he’s just him

26 Is there anything that scares you about growing old?
Getting dementia & loosing my memory. Not having my parents around.

27 What are three things from this past month that have made you cry?
My littliest being sick. Being so tired and emotional. watching silly videos on YouTube

28 What are three things from this past month that have made you laugh?
Watching silly videos on YouTube. My girls playing together. Silly jokes on Facebook

29 How are you feeling today?
A little tired. Miss A has a head cold and was awake on and off all night last night resulting in not much sleep for everyone.

30 What is your favourite thing about winter/summer right now?
Hot chocolate with marshmallows. Warming soups with crusty bread. Wood fire.

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