The Life:Captured Project – March 2015

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01. What was the last thing you talked about with your mother?
We’re busy planning our Afternoon Teal event that we postponed due to my youngest being sick.

02. What is your favourite colour, and why?
Purple or black. No real reason apart from the fact I like them.

03. When was the last time you did something reckless?
I honestly can’t remember. Most likely back in my 20s cause I’m old and boring now. What? 37 is old lol

04. What do you love about summer?
The warm weather. Get to wear cute dresses. 

05. What sort of dessert do you like in the evenings?
Hmm favourite desserts – crème caramel or caramel oranges would have to be my two really favourites or chocolate mousse

06. How would you describe yourself in less than 500 words?
Mum. Wife. Daughter. Aunt. Sister. Lister. Scrapbooker. Photographer. Geek. Girl gamer. Lover of chocolate. Foodie. Blogger. Soccer Mum. Me. All the above and so much more.

07. Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.
That you really should watch how you move your laptop. Otherwise you break the screen.

08. What are your favourite drinks?
Hot – hot chocolate. Cold – Iced chocolate, Coke

09. What do you like to wear to bed?
In summer as little as possible. In winter something nice and warm.

10. What do you remember about your primary school days?
The horrid school uniform – brown and green. Playing marbles. Having a great teacher in Grade 6.

11. Write about three friendships of yours which you know are for life.
My hubby.
My bestie, Lisa. We don’t see each other often or talk often enough but will always consider her a friends.

12. Name five people you admire, and discuss why.
My parents. Just because.
Eden Riley. I have such a girl crush on Eden. Amazing, strong woman. Been through so much and lives to tell the tale. Awesome blogger & slam poet.
Angelina Jolie. Dunno why, just always admired her.
Rosie Batty. Strong woman. Advocate against domestic violence.
I can’t think of anyone else right now.

13. Is there anything weighing on your heart right now?
Worrying about my mum

14. Write about a grandparent with whom you connected.
I can’t say I connected more with any of y grandparents. I used to watch daytime soapies with one of my grandmothers and then I found out after her death she used to enjoy watching pro-wrestling too.

15. What do you and your best mates like to do together?
Hang out, watch footy, talk about stuff.

16. How do you feel when it rains?
Love it of a night time. Nothing like the sound of rain on a tin roof.

17. Who were some of your childhood heroes?
I can’t really remember. Wonder Woman probably. MacGyver. The A-Team. 

18. Write down one family recipe that you will cherish forever.
I don’t have the actual recipe but my grandmother’s cherry cake. I’ve tried to make different recipes but never have the success. I’m hoping someone in the family has the actual recipe. 

19. What do you usually do around three o’clock in the afternoon?
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday pick up Miss K from school. Other days it’s getting stuff ready for tea.

20. Describe a typical Monday.
Get up, drag bum out of bed. Make a cuppa. Get Miss K out of bed. Breakfast. Showers. Take Miss K to school. Come home. Have another cuppa. Check emails. Do some work. Do some housework. Look after Miss A. Pick up Miss K from school. Home and get tea on. Bath girls. Get them to bed. Quiet time for me & hubby (tv, blogging, washing, reading). Cuppa. Bed.

21. What sort of adventures do you dream of going on?
Scotland. Machu Pichu. Canada. I really want to travel.

22. Is there anything about yourself that you want to change?
My hair colour – I want to go red.

23. Write about a recent dream that you’ve had.
*blush* um no

24. Write about your favourite place to eat as a family.
We have a few favourite places to go and eat as a family. Recently we’ve been going to the local hotel that does wicked pub meals AND they have an awesome kids room.

25. How does your family usually celebrate birthdays?
Depends on the person. Most of the time we go out for a meal. Unless it’s a big birthday then there’s usually a party. Of course if you are Miss K, you want a big party every year.

26. How do you feel about motherhood?
Love it. Hate it. Mostly love it.

27. Write down something funny that’s happened this last week.
Miss A doing a poop in the bath. Not all that funny but Miss K’s reaction had me giggling. She was in the bath when it happened.

28. What are three things from this past month that have been stressful?
Afternoon Teal (but I LOVE doing it). Money issues. Breaking my laptop

29. What are three things from this past month that has made you smile?
Afternoon Teal. Miss K’s athletics carnival. Signing up for YIAH

30. How are you feeling today?
A little annoyed. Long story short. People saying they will do something then not doing what we’d discussed

31. What is your favourite thing about mornings right now?
Cuddles with my girls.

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