Want to sponsor me?

Thanks to my sponsors for Digital Parents Conference 2012.

I am currently planning to attend the Digital Parents Conference and/or ProBlogger in 2015 and will be again looking for sponsors to help me attend the event. Date and location to be confirmed

Why sponsor me? I’ve been blogging since 2004 and seen so many changes in the blogging world. I love writing about stuff and I’m hoping that by going to the conference I can get better at writing about stuff on my blog & all the social media stuffs.
This little blog is primarily a personal blog that touches on parenting, family, photography and crafting (mainly scrapbooking and art journaling). I love chatting away on Twitter. I love sharing

What am I offering?

* a dedicated blog post about your company and the product/service you offer;
* a review of the product/service (if applicable);
* mentioned in posts regarding Digital Parents Conference 2015 (before, during and after the conference);
* sidebar advertising for the period leading up to the conference and for three (3) months after – 9 months for exclusive sponsors*;
* mention on both Twitter and Facebook fan page as my sponsor for the conference
* added to the list of current sponsors

All blog posts that mention your company will also include a link to your website

Does this sound like something you’d like to help me with? Or do you know someone who might be interested in helping me out? Email me. Cause it’s all about the love and learning (& networking & meeting ProBlogger & more networking & more learning & meeting awesome bloggers).

What I’m looking for?

  • accommodation
  • travel costs
  • business cards
  • clothing for the day of the conference
  • make up
  • jewelry
  • ….. feel free to contact me with your suggestion

Sponsors for Digital Parents Conference 2012

* Exclusive sponsors are companies who are providing one thing such as clothing