Week in the Life 2014 – Sunday

Thanks to the awesome support team at Little Hero Host who worked out what the issue and now I can post again from Live Writer.

And here we are the last day of Week in the Life for 2014. I made it through a whole week this year even if I forgot to take a few photos towards the end. I made heaps of notes of what we did though.


  • A ended up in with us overnight.
  • Woke about 8:30 and stayed in bed til about 9
  • Quick breakfast then dressed.
  • Started cleaning lounge
  • J cleaning up garage. Girls & I checked out peas growing in our weed filled garden.
  • K, A & I spent some time in the hammock.
  • Put roast on for tea
  • Lunch – toasted sandwich
  • Mum picked up K for the afternoon taking her to see gran.
  • J & I pottered in garage. A in the Ergo carrier.
  • Had tea when K got home.
  • Baby bath time then bed.
  • Late night dip sandwich while blogging and checking social media
  • Bed!!

Today (Monday) I plan to do a photo tour of our house. I may or may not share it here. It will be in my album.
Now to sit down and create my pages.
Looking forward to next year and seeing what has changed and what is the same.

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