Week in the Life 2014 – Thursday

Wow the week is nearly over and so is October! Really enjoying Week in the Life this year – even if I keep forgetting to take photos but (thanks to my notes in Evernote) I have heaps to journal.

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  • Miss A awake for a feed at 6:30
  • Alarm went off at 7:30, Miss K up a few minutes later.
  • Shower then breakfast of homemade yoghurt and berry coulis with some fruit.
  • J dropped Miss K to daycare while I put Miss A down for her morning nap.
  • Cuppa and update the diary for the next 2 weeks.
  • Started on my Christmas planning with help from Organised Christmas. would prefer to be using the Organised Housewife Christmas planner (lost my 2013 version when my EHD crashed) cause it’s Australian. Deciding if I’ll reprint the 2013 Elf Planner (link is to the 2014 version).
  • Morning tea – cuppa & a lamington.
  • Checked the results for our local council election. Can’t believe how many people don’t vote. Happy with the result for mayor and surprised at the councillors who are out.
  • Folding the mountain of kids clothes
  • Lunch – toasted sang & Irn-Bru & a lamington
  • A quick selfie while feeding Miss A
  • Picked up Miss K from daycare and headed to town.
  • Appointment with ENT for Miss K. Yay no grommets and ears & tonsils are clear.
  • Called into Officeworks to grab something for work (& a little special something for Miss K for being so good at the ENT)
  • Popped into Mum & Dad’s for a visit and ended up staying for tea – beef stir fry & rice. Miss A had her first swing and loved it
  • Home and got the girls to bed.
  • Relaxing with a bit of TV and surfing the net.

Tomorrow (Friday) is the last day of Frocktober for 2014. I’ll be back later on with the last of my frocks. There is still time to sponsor me and help me reach my goal. You can donate here.

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