Week in the Life 2014 – Wednesday

Another day. Another day of photos πŸ˜€ Hope you are enjoying a peek into our week.

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  • A rather long sleep in. Yeah I have a Tardis as my phone lock screen.
  • Today’s weather – still cold but no rain
  • Morning cuppa, breakfast (fruit) and a quick shower
  • Off to Possums. Miss K had fun while I got to listen to a talk about the importance of reading to kids (& got some free books)
  • Happy mail for Miss K
  • Miss K got a haircut ad we did some shopping
  • Home for a late lunch – sandwiches & a potato pie for J and lamington fingers for afters
  • Our gorgeous girls enjoying a cuddle then a massive explosion. So a bath and change of clothes for Miss A
  • Tried twice to get Miss A to have a nap but no success.
  • Tea – Lemon and ginger chicken and rice
  • Finally got Miss A to sleep. Swaddled which she normally hates. Going through a wonder week?
  • Made some yoghurt and berry coulis in the Thermomix
  • Packed lunch for Miss K – a banana, some homemade yoghurt, vegie sticks, fruit and a ham, carrot and Philly cheese sandwich
  • Sorted photos from today and watched the start of season 2 of Sleepy Hollow

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