Week in the Life 2015 {Monday}

Week in the Life is a week-long documentation project from the amazing scrapbooker/memory keeper Ali Edwards. Last year was the first time I did a full week and you can see what I posted by clicking the WitL tag. This week I’ll be sharing a selection of photos and words from the day before.

This year I bought Ali’s WitL kit so I’m determined to actually scrap this year (unlike last year) but I will be sharing that at the end.


Woke Monday morning all ready to get started with the week but Miss K wasn’t well so we rang the school and all went back to bed. Finally back up and had breakfast, checked emails and had a cuppa. Pottered around home, did some housework and some work. Put Miss A down for a nap then the rest of us had some lunch – a choice of bacon, egg, mushroom & coleslaw. James decided to watch Gremlins with Miss K, that lasted until the gremlins came on then it was “too scary”. I managed to get some of the Web Dev course I’m doing at Udemy in. We decided to grab some take away for tea, then the girls had a bath, Skyped with my mum, had a story then went to bed.

J spent the evening playing Diablo while I surfed the net and watched TV.

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