Braehead Crafts May Craft Day

Braehead Crafts is my little side venture. Mum & I run monthly craft events for local creative types and use a percentage of the event fees as our yearly donation to Ovarian Cancer Australia.

May was magnets.
A couple of years back I did an online class with Heidi Swapp & Jessica Sprague called Mouse Paper Scissors: Give. We made some awesome gifts and one of those was a cute little set of magnets in a tin. I modified the class a little as a) we didn’t have computer access for everyone and b) I wanted something everyone could do at home.

This time round we had a small group so I managed to make a few for myself.


and some of the other creations…

Snapshot 2 (2-06-2015 11-00 PM)Snapshot 1 (2-06-2015 10-59 PM)Snapshot 1 (2-06-2015 11-00 PM)IMG_7410