Where’s Ya Noms at

(taking a quick break from the Blog Every Day in May posts to bring you another post in my Our House series)

I *heart* me some Drunk Kitchen. Google it hehe (Thanks to the lovely Fiona for first sharing it with me). See there I go getting distracted with music again. Where were we? Ah yes the kitchen. This is what we got when we bought the house


Now I don’t know about you but wood paneling in a kitchen, really isn’t my thing. It’s a total pain in the real to clean. That lovely stove in the corner – broken so our first step was a new stove. Then we decided the island thing was blocking a lot of light so it went. Then Miss K came along and it really wasn’t suitable so new kitchen was to be had. And didn’t we take great delight in helping rip out the cupboards & wood paneling. And our new kitchen slowly took shape over a couple of days (plus the time later to get tiling done and new flooring)


And I got a new glass hotplate and wall oven *squee* and our dishwasher got put in.

(I’ll edit this post later with a picture of the kitchen when it’s clean – at the moment it’s a tad messy)

Love my kitchen now.

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