Our House

in the middle of our street.

Love that song, it’s such a classic. Anywho, that’s a slight distraction from what I actually want to write about today. When we bought our house about 5years ago we bought it as a renovation project. A very slow renovation project. But that’s ok. I thought about starting a new blog to record what we did but we all know I struggle with keeping more than one blog 😉 so I’ll be sharing our reno here under the category of Our House.

When we moved in we painted what was to become our temporary office/computer room and that was pretty much it. Everything else needed lots of work.


This was what our ‘office’ was for the first few weeks, where we survived on dial up internet waiting for our ADSL to be hooked back up


Our first semi major project was to rip this out.


We thought it was going to be difficult but it was all held in with a couple of screws. Easy – yup I did it at 9 months pregnant!

Next up was our kitchen cause the kitchen we had wasn’t great for a little person….

20 Days: Days 6-10

I actually managed to keep up this time so here are days 6-10

Day 6 was the bathroom. Love that our bathroom is fairly small so stays pretty tidy so it was just a quick once over.


IMG_7008 IMG_7010

and after

IMG_7096 IMG_7098 

Day 7 and we cleaned out the fridge. And I managed to declutter my cookbooks. I’ve scanned the recipes I use often and the ones I want to try so now I can get rid of some cookbooks.

Before IMG_7097 and after IMG_7114 IMG_7105

Day 8 was cleaning the sunroom which is Miss K’s playroom. This room is such a pigsty with paper everywhere & stuff gets dumped there before getting taken to the office.

Before IMG_7100 and after IMG_7148 IMG_7145

Day 9 was cleaning out the junk drawer and organising my calendar & diary

IMG_7158and after IMG_7160 IMG_7159 

and finally day 10 was cleaning the oven. I hate cleaning the oven with a passion but I have actually been keeping up with cleaning it so it was a pretty easy job this time round.

20 Days – Days 1 to 5

The Organised Housewife

It took a little longer than I thought to get the first five days done. Life (& bushfires) happened.

Day 1 was focusing on the kitchen. This is what I had to contend with….


Hubby was out helping his sister defend their place from a bush fire so I gave Miss K some play dough, some paint with water and chucked on ABC 4 Kids and she was happy to play while I got stuck into the kitchen. I was sooo tempted to pull everything from the cupboards and sort them but I managed to restrain myself lol.

Here’s my task list for the day and here’s my clean kitchen

IMG_6698 IMG_6694 IMG_6695 IMG_6693

Day 2 – the master bedroom, or as it’s commonly known in our house – the dumping room.


I struggled with this room. Not so much getting all the clothes put away but all the scrapbook stuff that makes it’s home in our bedroom. I’m still slowly sorting it out and working out what I want to keep here (Project Life, wedding album, Journal Your Christmas) and what will go to the scrap room at Mum & Dad’s. So not 100% clean but much better than it was before.

IMG_6816 IMG_7002

On to day 3 and we’re in the laundry


Our laundry is usually pretty good so it was just a quick clean and tidy. Gave the washing machine a good clean as well.

IMG_6905 IMG_6974

Our lounge room frequently looks like a bomb site & day 4 this was my focus


I have to admit, did a little more than was on the list cause I was getting sick of all the mess. Swear our lounge room will never be clean til someone grows up & doesn’t drag all her toys out here.

IMG_6846 IMG_6845

Finally a nice easy day focusing on the floors & the pantry. No floor photos but here’s the pantry.


I did go a little overboard in the pantry and decided to recover the shelves. OMG remind me never to do that idea again. I’d love to have the money to pull out all the shelves and replace it with something from Howards Storage World or IKEA.

IMG_6976 IMG_6916

If you’re doing the challenge, how’re you faring? And for the record, here’s my kitchen bench after 5 days (which is actually 15 days total *sigh* – hopefully the next five days will be a bit better)


20 days to Organise and Clean your home Challenge – Take 2

The Organised Housewife

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas and New Year are over and it’s time to get the house back in order and a lot more organised. I really want to get our house more organised and clean in 2013. Creating a warm, inviting sanctuary if you will.

I took part in The Organised Housewife 20 Days to organise and clean your home the first time it ran and I loved it. The house stayed pretty clean and organised… until just before Christmas. And of course we hosted Christmas lunch so that added to the mess.

I’ll just be blogging my journey this time, not sharing on Instagram cause I ended up forgetting half the time lol

One of the pre challenge tasks was to set some goals. Here are mine:

  1. I want to feel RELAXED & COMFORTABLE while I’m at home.
  2. I want to spend more time PLAYING WITH MISS K INSTEAD OF CLEANING.
  3. I want an area of the home where I can DO SCRAPBOOKING.
  4. I want to organise MY WHOLE HOUSE.
  5. I always lose KEYS & WALLET.
  6. Something that I don’t need anymore , but am having trouble parting with KITCHEN STUFF I NO LONGER USE.

So roll on the next 20 days….

20 Days–week 3

I’ll be honest. I slacked off a fair bit this week. And OMG you can tell! I spent Friday and Saturday catching up with this week’s challenges. There’s also a lack of pics cause I was too busy cleaning 😉

Day 11’s challenge was to clean our washing machine and organise our linen cupboard.
We now have a clean washing machine again.
The linen cupboard wasn’t too bad as I’d gone through our sheets & towels not too long ago, it just needed a tidy up.

Day 12 was the dishwasher’s turn to get clean. I love this way of cleaning my dishwasher now, no more chemical cleaners. Miss K got in on the action too.


I also decluttered and organised our bathroom cupboards

IMG_4605 IMG_4606

and after
IMG_4635 IMG_4608

Day 13 was cornice cleaning and sorting artwork. Miss K has recently gotten into drawing and painting so I’m getting this system in place now.

Day 14 was the office. Since I’m being honest, I’ll let you know I skipped this room. It is currently the dumping ground while our garage is being cleaned (our office is off the garage). I’ve filed all the notes away for when we get stuck into it (which will hopefully be soon)

Day 15 was cleaning outdoor areas. I cleaned the area around our front door, did a bit of weeding and planted some potted colour.


Onto Week 3…..

The Organised Housewife

20 days–week 2

And here we are at the end of week 2. I am feeling so much more organised and the house is actually managing to stay clean!
We’re still nutting out our morning and evening routine but we’re slowly finding what work and what doesn’t.

Day 6 was the bathroom. Now I hate my bathroom, with a serious passion. I don’t mind that it’s small and I do like the fact the toilet is a separate room, it’s the fact that it’s wood panelled – the whole room! It’s vile. It’s starting to rot around the bath. Yuck. and probably a health hazard too. Can you guess which room we’re renovating next.

IMG_4364 IMG_4365 IMG_4366

IMG_4376 IMG_4377

Day 7 I cleaned and reorganised our fridge.

IMG_4383 IMG_4408

I’m surprised at how much stuff was out of date. I loved the idea of pre-cutting all our veg (you’ll have to scroll down the page a bit) so I’m going to invest in some new containers so we can do that here.

Day 8 was the spare room so I cleaned our sunroom. It houses our drier (until we finish doing up the laundry) and some of Miss K’s toys and her little table and chairs. I also decluttered all of Miss K’s toys. Some are being stored and others we’ll be giving away.

IMG_4409 IMG_4435

Day 9 – cleaning fans. Easy – don’t have any. We had the reverse cycle put in today so checking the filters will be a new monthly job. I decluttered our junk drawer into a box. I sat down Saturday and sorted it, threw away and put things in better places. Junk drawer organised.

Also organised my dairy for the rest of 2012. I’ve added all the birthdays, public holidays and events I know about now.

Day 10 was cleaning the oven, not one of my favourite jobs. Thanks to this challenge I’ve now found a super easy way to clean my oven. Love it!


Looking forward to starting week 3. I can’t believe we’re half way through.

20 days to organise?

Can it be done? The Organised Housewife thinks so and during September is challenging us to follow along with the daily prompts and challenges to make our lives more organised. I’ve been reading The Organised Housewife blog for some time now and thought, Why not? And on the upside the site is Australian Winking smile

Anywho, 20 days started on Monday…. well actually it started last week with 5 pre-challenge tasks.

We created a folder to keep all our notes, printables and checklists in one place, created a cleaning kit, created a morning & evening routine and set some goals. All ready to go we started Monday in the kitchen. I have to admit, the kitchen is one area I really struggle to keep clean.
My before and after

IMG_4249 IMG_4257

So loving having a clean kitchen AND for the first time in ages I’m actually making an effort to keep it clean. Trying to convince hubby to help keep it clean is another matter though.

I missed doing day 2 & 3 cause I wasn’t home so day 4 was three days rolled into one.
We did the Bedroom on day 2
Before & after

IMG_4305 IMG_4319

The bedroom still isn’t 100% clean. My scrap stuff I’m keeping here is still unorganised but I do have a plan for that.

Day 3 – laundry
Before & after

IMG_4303 IMG_4318

Another room that still needs work. As soon as the plumber comes and fixes the plumbing we can add the laminex behind everything, put in the new sink, add some new shelving and give it the walls a coat of paint.

Day 4 – Lounge room
Before and After

IMG_4304 IMG_4353

Day 5 was cleaning floors. We vacuumed and mopped so the floors now look reasonable again. No photos cause I couldn’t b bothered LOL

Another upside to this challenge – I’m more motivated to start my household folder (control journal or whatever you call it). I’ve started a list of all the projects I want to get done room by room. Inspiration from Pinterest. Routines. Important numbers. That sort of thing.

Weekend update – The kitchen is still clean! This is it Sunday evening. We’d had guests for tea but the kitchen is still reasonable not like it would have been before – stuff everywhere


The bedroom seems to be less of a dumping ground AND I’m folding washing and putting it away when it’s dry (instead of dumping it on the bed, then back into the basket or just leaving it in the basket). Laundry is still clean. Lounge room looks like we have a toddler as Miss K loves leaving her toys everywhere but much more manageable now.

Bring on Week 2. I’m loving having a cleaner house and actually managing to keep it slightly more clean and organised.

It’s not too late to join in the 20 day challenge, you can still subscribe

The Organised Housewife

Ooh, That’s Pinteresting!–the home edition

Joining in with Tina for Ooh, That’s Pinteresting this week (first time I’ve played along)

Tina Gray {dot} Me

Tomorrow we’re getting the house we’re in valued so we can go for a bank loan. Fingers crossed we’ll be home owners by the end of the year. Which means we can do more stuff around the house.

I would love to do this for the planned BBQ area in the back yard.

Source: google.com via Caroline on Pinterest


and this would look awesome as edging on the paths and maybe even the driveway


and this inside the door to look after my keys


This is what I want the laundry to look like


then in the pantry I will have this


and I’d love this for beside the fridge (except there is no room after buying a new fridge/freezer)


All these images (& many, many more) can be found on my pinterest. If you’d like an invite, let me know Smile

What I’ve been up to

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from the online world (well apart from checking out twitter on my phone & checking my email only twice a day.) Where have I been I hear you ask? Well I’m glad you did.

It’s been glorious weather here for the last few days so Miss K & I have been out gardening (while hubby & the FIL have been building us a new gate)

We started off with with the garden near the mailbox.


This is what it looked like just after we moved in and we weeded and redid the whole garden. Then it kinda got left and got overtaken with weeds *sigh* This is what it looks like now (I’ve added another 2 plants since this was taken)


Then there is the little side garden which was going to be a rose garden but I decided the other day to turn it into a succulent garden for all my little cacti that needed repotting.

The before: The after:
IMG_0055 IMG_0065

and I also ended up doing the garden beside the driveway. So I’ve been a busy little garden bug.

And then yesterday it poured!

Hopefully this weekend it will be nice again so I can do a bit more. Gotta love the warmer weather, so you can get outside and do things. Miss K is loving it!