14 Days of Cooking with the Thermo #3

The new challenge for this fortnight is


1. – Warming – healing – nurturing – easy meals for when we are sick or someone in the family is
2. – Cooking that you can do either with the kids – or for the kids whilst they are on school holidays

Pumpkin Soup Wagon Wheel Slice Celebration Cupcakes Banana Cake Cheese & Bacon Scrolls Beef & Bacon Pasta Bake Devilled Sausages

Monday 14/07 – Pumpkin Soup (converted from Mum’s recipe)
Tuesday 15/07 – ThermOMG Wagon Wheel Slice
Wednesday 16/07 – converted a cupcake recipe with Miss K (Celebration cupcakes)
Thursday 17/07 – Miss K & I converted our favourite banana cake recipe (Banana cake)
Friday 18/07 – Cheese & Bacon Scrolls (with a little added YIAH Pizza spice blend)
Saturday 19/07 – Beef & Bacon Pasta bake (not really healing but yummy on a cold winter night)
Sunday 20/7 – Devilled Sausages & potato bake (potato layered with diced bacon and EDC cheese sauce)

Jaffa Custard EDC Orange Juice Carrot Soup Jam Drops Spag Bol mince Sausage Rolls Cinnamon Scrolls

Monday 21/07 – Jaffa Custard
Tuesday 22/07 – EDC Orange Juice
Wednesday 23/07 – Carrot soup (converted from another of Mum’s recipes)
Thursday 24/07 – Jam drops
Friday 25/07 – Spag Bol using this Lasagne recipe (to put in the freezer – stocking up b4 bub arrives)
Saturday 26/07 – Sausage Rolls
Sunday 27/07 – Cinnamon Scrolls

Another 14 days of good cooking, food in the freezer and a few new to us recipes. Look forward to the next one.

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