A fortnight of thermo cooking

We’ve had our thermomix for just over a year now and I still don’t use it enough as I could/should. So for the next 14 days I am going to make myself use it everyday. I’ll be sharing photos and links to the recipes I cook unless the recipe is from the ThermFun recipe club. 

Tonight’s meal was a ThermoFun recipe – Salmon Steaks with Cucumber & Spiced Yoghurt

Salmon Steaks with Cucumber & Spiced Yoghurt

I’ve never cooked fish in the thermo and I know how touchy salmon can be so jumping in at the deep end LOL

The salmon was perfectly cooked and melted in your mouth. I’d change the sauce slightly next time I made it – less coriander – but that was very yum too and would make a nice refreshing dip. 

I’ll be back at the end of the fortnight to let you know how I’ve gone but you can follow along daily as I’ll be Instagraming what I make – follow me @nightwolfs_den

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