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#30Lists March 2017 – Day 30

scrapbooking bullet journalling art journaling cross stitch (but not as often as I would like) drawing colouring in

#30Lists March 2017 – Day 29

i get lost in a book i stuff about online go for a walk listen to some tunes or a… Continue reading »

#30Lists March 2017 – Day 28

Apple AirPods Twosies groceries ipad bits for mum

#30Lists March 2017 – Day 27

WordPress Awesome Ladies Project Leonie Dawson’s Shining Academy (esp her workbooks) Apple Watch Apple AirPods (I’ll be doing a review… Continue reading »

#30Lists March 2017 – Day 26

get up shower laundry wash dishes take my multivitamin do something crafty bullet journal

#30Lists March 2017 – Day 25

around Tasmania hopefully Melbourne

#30Lists March 2017 – Day 24

Some of my favourite Instagramers Bruce Moyle (photographer) Matthew Garwood (muso) Tom Ellis (Lucifer *sigh*) Tiny Ray of Sunshine Ryder… Continue reading »

#30Lists March 2017 – Day 23

More bands than specific songs The Muppet Movie soundtrack Sky Graceland anything by The Clash anything by Fleetwood Mac lots… Continue reading »

#30Lists March 2017 – Day 22

drink less coke drink more water walk more don’t say up so late stop watching youtube in bed and staying… Continue reading »

#30Lists March 2017 – Day 21

chips pretzels chocolate meringues mini cupcakes m&ms biscuits & dip