Bullet Journal 1 month in

Well we’re just over a month into using my bullet journal and I must say I’m loving it. It’s so much easier and makes much more sense to my list loving brain.

What I’ve learnt so far…..

1. Follow the basics til you get a grip on it. Go visit the home of the Bullet Journal first. Read how Ryder sets it up. Devour the videos. Follow the basic setup for at least your first month.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others. Yes all the Facebook groups and Pinterest and Instagram are awesome for inspiration but your journal is yours. Do as you wish.

3. Don’t try and do all the challenges you find. This month I tried to keep up with 4. I managed to do one everyday. Next month I’ll be more selective which challenges I actually attempt.

4. Also don’t try and track everything. Be selective. You can always track different things next month.

With that out of the way, here’s some of my spreads…

002  005

My first monthly page. Pretty plain when compared to my second month (I started half way through October). Love this spread much more but I still want to work on it.

007 008

Getting much more confident with creating collection, doodling and adding some pretties. This is my first Zen Art Challenge and the cover page for my Christmas planner. The illustration is from Urban:Eve’s Christmas planner (I Love her Christmas planners, her art is amazing). I printed it on clear sticker paper then cut it out for my bullet journal.

So where to from here? I’ve added a few pages for our upcoming trip and have started decorating my December pages. I’m really loving this system. We’ll see how it goes in a few months.

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