A little ladybird who liked to eat

Food is a pretty big thing when it comes to kids’ parties, am I right? You have to do fairy bread, well in our family anyway – it’s no party unless there is fairy bread!

If you do a search for ladybird themed food on pinterest, there is a LOT of cupcakes. I found a cute little Wilton cupcake kit at Spotlight so used that but here is some cupcake inspiration…

Jen Fisher this just might be my desire for Sophia's 1st bday. A ladybug cake & a few cupcakes for the small ones :):  ladybugs:  Lady Bug Cupcakes:  Ladybug cupcakes.:  Cute Garden Critters bee ladybird spider caterpillar snail cupcakes:  Ladybug cupcakes on red velvet -- or red velvet chocolate chip for the spots?:

If you are feeling creative there are cake pops, dipped pretzels, dipped marshmallows, creative fruits and lots more….And how cute are the cheese!

Ladybird Cake Pops.: Ladybug Marshmallows.  The source includes lots of decorating ideas for a ladybug theme.:  Chocolate Strawberry Ladybugs!  For best results, use dark, milk or white Chocoley Drizzle & Design Chocolate. http://www.chocoley.com/list/drizzle-design-chocolate #strawberry #chocolate: Sweet & Simple Valentine’s Day Treats: Lovebugs on a Log #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas:   Ladybug m's...use a food writer pen! (see link for blog for other ideas - cake pop instructions!): These cute little ladie bugs were made using apple slices and chocolate frosting.:  Ladybug Jello Fruit Cup. This is too cute.:  FOOD - idea for kids party:  Lady Bug Cheese made with those red wax covered mini cheeses and olives!!:

It’s all in the decorations

You can go as big or as simple as you like with decorations for any party. This year since we are having a small afternoon tea gathering we’re keeping it simple – balloons, some dangling things and lady bird themed table decorations. We found Discount Party Supplies to be our one stop shop for decorations and will use them for future decorating needs.

That’s not why you are here though, is it? You’re here to see what ideas I had looked at and ideas you could use for your own lady bird themed event…..

There’s banners & bunting

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/pt/listing/228441084/ladybug-garlandnursery-tassel:  Fabric Ladybug pennant banner bunting, ladybug birthday party, bedroom, playroom decor, photo prop:

and painted rocks (or golf balls!)

ladybird pebbles - cute idea to place a couple on the soil inside a flower pot!: 12 Cute Garden Ideas and Garden Decorations 2:

and even a balloon weight

Great idea for 1st birthday party https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/290289163/ladybird-party-decoration-balloon-weight:

or just go with a simple red and black theme.

Next time I’ll be back and sharing some food ideas.