The Life:Captured Project – October 2015

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01 Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.
The start of Frocktober. Another chance to raise awareness & funds to help find an early detection test for ovarian cancer. (You can donate here)

02 What sort of school lunches did you have when you were little?
Hmm I think I remember sandwiches. I can’t remember anything else

03 Have you kept in touch with your childhood friends?
Some of them. Mostly thanks to Facebook.

04 When was the last time you and your partner talked? What did you talk about?
Last night. Talked about stuff for Christmas and stuff to do with the girls

05 What were some of your favourite books to read when you were young?
Anything! I read Jaws, Shakespeare, Flowers in the Attic, Trixie Beldon, The Famous 5. I’ve always loved reading and had access to a heap of books

06 What does it mean to be strong?
Being able to handle what ever life throws at you

07 What makes you feel confident?
compliments from hubby

08 What are some things that make you feel nervous?
Speaking in public. Hate it with a passion 

09 Recount a recent evening that you wish to remember.
Taking the girls & FIL to see a TCW show.

10 What is your favourite season, and why?
Summer. It’s warm.

11 What do you hope to achieve by the end of the year?
Finished the girls’ bedroom renovation

12 What’s on your heart right now?
How there is so much cruelness in the world  🙁

13 What are some things that you wish to purge from your life?
So much junk that we store. Excess kids stuff.

14 Do you remember what life was like a year ago today? Describe it.
Miss K was at daycare. Miss A was still a sleepy bubba

15 Describe a typical Saturday for you and your family.
Doing some housework or working out in the yard. Visiting friends/family. Hubby having his mates round to play Dungeons & Dragons once the girls are in bed.

16 What happened at 8pm today?
Girls asleep. Hubby out playing D&D. I’m busy planning blog posts.

17 Write about five things that made you smile this week.
Miss K back at school. Visit from my bestie. Mum getting good news from oncologist. Cooking. Soccer picnic.

18 What are you eating these days?
Lots of variety. Lots of stuff from scratch. Less packaged foods, unless it’s chocolate 😉

19 If you were to dress up for a night out this evening, what would you wear?
My favourite little black dress, heels and a nice necklace & earrings.

20 What have you been thriving on lately?
That I can cook great meals & snacks for my family that are healthy & yum.

21 Describe something that is beautiful to you.
My kids.

22 What is your least favourite time of the day, and why?
Morning. I’m not a morning person at all

23 How do you feel about recent events happening around the world?

24 Why is journaling important to you?
In scrapbooking, it’s important so I can get down the who/what/where of a story that goes with my photos for future generations. In my personal journal, it lets me get down my thoughts down and out of my head.

25 What does happiness look like to you?
My kids playing together, laughing and not fighting

26 Describe something you’ve bought in this last month.
Christmas presents

27 What are three things from this past month that have been eye-opening?
How quick little people learn. How helpful some people can be. That I can not see someone for ages and when we catch up it was like only yesterday we last saw each other.

28 What are three things from this past month that have been antagonising?
The lack of help getting things done. Temper tantrums. My back 🙁 

29 How are you feeling today?
Good. Happy. Miss A slept in her cot all night for the first time in ages.

30 What is your favourite thing about Tuesday afternoons right now?
Spending time with my mum after the girls’ swimming lessons

31 What are you most looking forward to next month?
Pants! As much as I love doing Frocktober, I really want to wear jeans

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